Shoe candy: Givenchy Victoria Biker Glitter Sandals

Despite its slightly chunky look due to the shape of the heel and the strap, I don’t hate Givenchy Victoria sandal:

Givenchy Victoria Biker Glitter Sandal

It is different, cool and with a slight air of “Christmas decoration” around it  – all of it works for me.

However, I might feel a slightest bit of hate at the end of a long evening towards the girl wearing these while limping pass her in shoes most probably a lot less comfy than these seem to be.



Shoe candy: Buffalo Akira

It might be the sun shining outside that stimulates my cravings for yellow but I really like this:

Buffalo Akira

It has polka dots, it is cute and the colour combo is lovely. All this for the modest cost of barely €50. Sometimes, that is all it takes to make a shoe girl happy.

A shoe-girl’s brainfreeze: Irregular Choice Cant Touch This

A lot of words could be used but honestly Irregular Choice pump with the slightly playing-hard-to-get name “Cant Touch This” awakes only one reaction in me:

Irregular Choice Cant Touch This

Don’t need to.





Possible temporary shoe confusion: Aperlai 140mm Suede and Leather Elasticated Sandal

This really should not be my cup of tea. It is a chunky-ish slingback with “elasticated, PVC inserted straps” and a 140mm “marble effect heel” or to summarize it – a lot.

But I seem to be in a tea-flavor changing mood today ’cause I can really see this sandal work together with a white Greek-style short dress and a piece of heavy jewelry, like a pair of large turquoise earrings.

Shoe Stella McCandy: Cherry Pumps & Seagulls Sandals

The Outnet is having Stella McCartney fever at the moment (which is not necessarily a good thing for a designer but is usually a profitable opportunity for the broad fashion interested masses – hence we like it).

Anyhow, I must have bad Summer munchies right now because while it might be just a tad a bit too perky for me in usual case, I find these platform sandals really cute:

Stella McCartney Nautical Patent platform sandals

It is “Wonder Woman on vacation in a small south European coast city where fish is fresh, people are friendly and there is no need to think about rescuing the mankind in minimal panties” – works for me.

Stella McCartney Cherry-emballished peep-toe pumps

Sure, sure nice colours, lovely golden detail at the heel, summery, crispy etc but honestly, this is here mostly because of the cherry. Too freakin’ cute.

Shoe wow: Prada Spring Runway Collection

Well, wow.

Adore the colours or get a migraine attack, like the style or think it is tacky, crave or hate- no matter where you stand in the question of  Prada Spring Runway Collection, I think most of you will have to agree with me that these are quite impressive to look at:

Prada Jewel-Toe Taillight Wedge Sandal

Prada Flame Wedge Sandal

Prada Flame Slingback Sandal

Prada Rose-Toe Flame Sandal

I don’t know if Prada wants to build bridges between car-interested guys and our feet or stimulate the return of retro era but this is sure a lot tail lights, metallic sleek details, flames and lipsticks as exhaust pipes, all in kitschy attention-drawing colours. It is ballsy, edgy and well-crafted – a combination expected of Prada. Also, to the collection’s big advantage, it is nothing like the hideous illusional boots from last year that I to this day hate from the bottom of my shoe loving heart .

While not being a very big fan of the red wedges in the second picture and knowing that there is no chance in hell that any of these shoes would exactly go smoothly with the rest of my wardrobe, I would not mind a pair of these babies (preferably the green wedges in the first pic) on a display shelf at home, providing a given discussion topic no matter the visitors nor the occasion. Ok, maybe I would take them for a walk now and then as well. After all, a shoe lover is a shoe lover.

Shoe “Look at me!” guy: Versace metallic leather platform sandals

Every time I’ve stumbled upon Versace’s metallic platform sandals, and that’s been a couple of times since they were released on the market, I’ve made a mental note “post them soon” and moved on.

I always feel a touch of shoe fatigue when coming across a pair that is more attention demanding than fully outfitted Lady Gaga on a Sunday school class, with the painfully obvious purpose of being attention demanding. It kind of reminds me of that super buffed guy in a condom-tight bright coloured t-shirt strutting around in a night club, soaking in attention that will justify the fact that he has not smelled carbs for the last four months. Somehow, that always manages to leave me in “mah, whatever” mood. And so this as well:

Versace Metallic Leather Platform Sandals

Gold, black, stilettos, cut outs – this should be some serious shoe shizzle in my book. But the only thing I want to do is to give them a hug and say “So, so, you are beautiful the way you are, you are a star exactly the way you are. Now go and eat some freakin’ pasta and stop pumping your platforms”


A shoe girl’s brainfreeze II: Acne Silk Platform

Oh hell. Saving people from shoe insanity is obviously a never-ending task.

Acne Alice Silk Platform

But I would do my very best for these to join the party.

Shoe Fab: Aleksandre Birman Python Court Shoes

Well, let’s heat up the icy and snowy (at least in my part of the world, I don’y know about yours but as always “misery loves company” hoho*) start of a new week with something a bit sexy, shall we?

Just when I start to think that it is time for my friends to do an intervention ’cause the current temperature levels around -20C have killed my shoe-mojo and essence of life (awesome shoes) replacing it with life-long membership in the UGGs-only club, something like this strawls in: :

Aleksandre Birman Python Court Shoes

But wait, there is a bit more, a bit of cherry on this warm beige and brown icecream:

Aleksandre Birman Python Court Shoes

Lovely, lovely indeed. A perfect shoe to make your red or aubergine coloured nailpolish pop and your leg seem superlong without being just another pair of dull nude shoes.

PS: Be assured! “Skins authorized by CITES (” I have no idea what that is but the first question to pop in my head was “Did the actual python wearing it authorized it as well?” followed by a cynical laugh.

* Don’t hate me, I am just an overly shoe-interested human being.

A shoe-girl’s brainfreeze: Viktor&Rolf Open Toe Ruffle Platform Pumps


Viktor&Rolf Open Toe Platform Pumps

In animal world, this pump is a weird and almost unknown to man kind fish specimen that has managed to survive since the dinosaur era. It lives deep down at the bottom of dark waters and hunts by standing really still, pretending to be a rock and blending in. When an innocent pray swims by the shoe-fish just opens its ruffled gap and let the poor thing meet its destiny. Act of nature. Survival of the fittest in its purest form etc.

Would I like my foot to be that innocent pray?

Don’t think so.