A shoe girl’s brainfreeze: Acne Julie Silk Shop

If there was a bit of doubt about the previous shoe, my mind is crystal clear today:

Acne Julie Silk Pump

I don’t give a shizzle about how in or creative or avant garrrrrde Julie might be, looking at it makes me wanna kickstart an evil master plan to collect each and one of these that actually slip into all enthusiastic Scandinavian fashion bloggers’ homes (unfortunately they will, they are Acne), start a huge bonfire and dance around it like crazy in pure joy that this will never be seen by humanity again.*

* Of course, I would have to stay untill the end. Don’t want one of these little suckers barely getting out, crawling into bushes while I am having a “glad we worked that out” hug with my partner in crime, generating a highly qualitative sequel e.g. “The revenge of the blue impractical satin slipper a là Aladin”

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