Shoe candy: Buffalo Akira

It might be the sun shining outside that stimulates my cravings for yellow but I really like this:

Buffalo Akira

It has polka dots, it is cute and the colour combo is lovely. All this for the modest cost of barely €50. Sometimes, that is all it takes to make a shoe girl happy.


Shoe candy: Grace Fan Bow Platform Peep from Hobbs

Let’s take a (short) break from everything related to car parts, architectural shoes and multiple chains with a portion of polka dots (the first one in this blog even):

Hobbs Grace Fan Bow Platform Peep

They lines of the shoe are really elegant, the heel measures up to respect-demanding 11cm,  the bow is a lovely touch without overdoing it and first and foremost –  I love myself a dose of polka dots now and then. Altogether this manages to look both cute and classical, a combination that totally works for me. If it works for you as well, you  can find the shoes here.