Shoe “Look at me!” guy: Versace metallic leather platform sandals

Every time I’ve stumbled upon Versace’s metallic platform sandals, and that’s been a couple of times since they were released on the market, I’ve made a mental note “post them soon” and moved on.

I always feel a touch of shoe fatigue when coming across a pair that is more attention demanding than fully outfitted Lady Gaga on a Sunday school class, with the painfully obvious purpose of being attention demanding. It kind of reminds me of that super buffed guy in a condom-tight bright coloured t-shirt strutting around in a night club, soaking in attention that will justify the fact that he has not smelled carbs for the last four months. Somehow, that always manages to leave me in “mah, whatever” mood. And so this as well:

Versace Metallic Leather Platform Sandals

Gold, black, stilettos, cut outs – this should be some serious shoe shizzle in my book. But the only thing I want to do is to give them a hug and say “So, so, you are beautiful the way you are, you are a star exactly the way you are. Now go and eat some freakin’ pasta and stop pumping your platforms”


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