Colourful shoe shopping on a shoe string: Zara Court Shoes

Excuses in advance for potential TV commercial vibes in this post.

Feel for a colourful feet vitamin shot but your budget is currently tighter than Kylie Minoque’s hotpants back in those days? As so many times before, Zara is offering a couple of “even more price-worthy than usual” alternatives. And while the pointy (and pink) pumps trend might have faded untill the Summer of 2013, for the modest price tag of app €40 there is no reason for anybody to lose sleep due to potential fashion risks of the next season.

Fashion Court Shoe



And for app €33 there is also a possibility to take a walk in the opposite colour scheme (pun intended):

Coloured Faux Suede Court Shoes

Extra points for the slightly  more almond-rounded toe. With all respect to current trends, one of my big toes’ primary needs is still a touch of personal space.


Shoe candy: Karen Millen Colourful Raffia Platform Sandal

Let’s start (a tad late) this week with something new and blue:

Karen Millen Colourful Raffia Platform Sandal

I am not totally sure where the “colourful” came from but I am definitely sold on the beige and blue as well as the pattern. While it probably takes a bit of tan and a drop of red nail polish in order for your feet not to disappear, I definitely find these sandals cute enough to put in an effort at the both.

Shoe candy: Buffalo Akira

It might be the sun shining outside that stimulates my cravings for yellow but I really like this:

Buffalo Akira

It has polka dots, it is cute and the colour combo is lovely. All this for the modest cost of barely €50. Sometimes, that is all it takes to make a shoe girl happy.

Shoe freakin’ fab: Dolce & Gabbana Crystal-embellished Satin Pumps

Unlike this, I would not mind putting my greedy, lusting, shoe-loving fingers on this:

Dolce & Gabbana Crystal-embellished Satin Pumps

Let’s take a look from the other perspective:

Dolce & Gabbana Crystal-embellished Satin Pumps

Holy crap of all magpies. This is one detailed hand back of a shoe. And let’s finish with a picture of the bow, just to see if the perfection remains from a real close-up:

Dolce & Gabbana Crystal-embellished Satin Pumps

Well, yes it does. Fascinated by all the perfect shiny bling, with the eyes of a child on Christmas morning while rushing down the stairs, I start wiping of my chocolate stained fingers to at least touch the screen version of the ultimate shoe perfection.

And the illusion snaps together with the price tag making it into my tunnel vision – £2 646.

Fingers gliding automatically into the cookie box again.

Really people? For something, no matter how beautiful it is and it really really is in this case,that will still be in touch with ground and dirt* on daily basis? What is it made from? Unicorn sprinkled magic dust sewn on by hands of thousands little virgin elves? Seriously, my feet are barely worth that much to me.

* Insert optional adult joke about how these shoes are not for walking but for more pleasurable activities, in the air. And in case you are serious with that, planning to get these shoes out of that only purpose, respect to you, your feet and your vagina.

Shoe classic candy: Sam Edelman Lorissa studded faux-snale pumps

I know that Lorissa pump has been on the market for some time now, in a whole bunch of different colours but I can’t help not liking this one enough for sharing it with you:

Sam Edelman Lorissa studded faux-snake pumps

Sam Edelman Lorissa studded faux-snake pumps

Let’s take a peek where the real action is, shall we:

Sam Edelman Lorissa studded faux-snake pumps

The cold shade of the blue leather almost gives the decoration a wintery feeling, making the studs and rhinestone embellishment look like ice and frost sparkling in the sun. And while I have been muttering over this Winter quite frequently for the past few months, it is obvious that I don’t mind walking into warmer seasons with it on my feet. If you’re ok with that as well, you can find Lorissa at Harvey Nichols.

Possible temporary shoe confusion: Aperlai 140mm Suede and Leather Elasticated Sandal

This really should not be my cup of tea. It is a chunky-ish slingback with “elasticated, PVC inserted straps” and a 140mm “marble effect heel” or to summarize it – a lot.

But I seem to be in a tea-flavor changing mood today ’cause I can really see this sandal work together with a white Greek-style short dress and a piece of heavy jewelry, like a pair of large turquoise earrings.

Shoe Stella McCandy: Cherry Pumps & Seagulls Sandals

The Outnet is having Stella McCartney fever at the moment (which is not necessarily a good thing for a designer but is usually a profitable opportunity for the broad fashion interested masses – hence we like it).

Anyhow, I must have bad Summer munchies right now because while it might be just a tad a bit too perky for me in usual case, I find these platform sandals really cute:

Stella McCartney Nautical Patent platform sandals

It is “Wonder Woman on vacation in a small south European coast city where fish is fresh, people are friendly and there is no need to think about rescuing the mankind in minimal panties” – works for me.

Stella McCartney Cherry-emballished peep-toe pumps

Sure, sure nice colours, lovely golden detail at the heel, summery, crispy etc but honestly, this is here mostly because of the cherry. Too freakin’ cute.

Shoe candy: Kurt Geiger London “Elm”

Let’s start the beginning of a new week with a bit of satisfaction for the universal shoe sweet tooth with a piece or two of Elm:

Kurt Geiger London Elm

Great adult-enough shade of pink, shiny patent leather and app 11cm stiletto heels make this a really cute and sleek shoe candy without “the way too common and every time equally disturbing” Barbie/My Little Pony/daddy issues vibes. The lines of the model as well as the pink strap make this shoe totally wearable both for work and pleasure related occasions, with everything from beige trousers and a white crispy shirt to a flowery dress.

If you prefer a touch of mint for your sweet tooth , except for classic black and silver, there is also the white version (although they seem more pink-sih to me):

Kurt Geiger London Elm

Shoe Loubi Fab: Christian Louboutin Volpi Poppi d’Orsay Pump

Often, being a great shoe designer is not about wild shapes and forms, never before seen creations and removal of essential details of footwear, e.g. heels. Sometimes, it is just about doing the basics, the fundamentals or the current trends a bit better than the majority – something Christian Louboutin masters, as we have seen over and over again through out the years.  Well, here it is again.

Ladies and gents, let me introduce you to  the it-girl of all flowery aspirants of this season’s title:

Christian Louboutin Volpi Poppi d'Orsay Pump

The classical Volpi pump with poppy print fabric – all that is needed to kick-start a wave of shoe cravings.

Worried about the possible clash of colours and the famous red sole? *

Christian Louboutin Volpi Poppi d'Orsay Pump

Looks pretty good to me.

* Of course you don’t. It is a freakin’ Loubi. (Genuine) Red soles never clash.  I just kind of wanted to share the back of the shoe with you as well.

Shoe candy: Grace Fan Bow Platform Peep from Hobbs

Let’s take a (short) break from everything related to car parts, architectural shoes and multiple chains with a portion of polka dots (the first one in this blog even):

Hobbs Grace Fan Bow Platform Peep

They lines of the shoe are really elegant, the heel measures up to respect-demanding 11cm,  the bow is a lovely touch without overdoing it and first and foremost –  I love myself a dose of polka dots now and then. Altogether this manages to look both cute and classical, a combination that totally works for me. If it works for you as well, you  can find the shoes here.