Shoe candy: Karen Millen Colourful Raffia Platform Sandal

Let’s start (a tad late) this week with something new and blue:

Karen Millen Colourful Raffia Platform Sandal

I am not totally sure where the “colourful” came from but I am definitely sold on the beige and blue as well as the pattern. While it probably takes a bit of tan and a drop of red nail polish in order for your feet not to disappear, I definitely find these sandals cute enough to put in an effort at the both.


Possible temporary shoe confusion: Aperlai 140mm Suede and Leather Elasticated Sandal

This really should not be my cup of tea. It is a chunky-ish slingback with “elasticated, PVC inserted straps” and a 140mm “marble effect heel” or to summarize it – a lot.

But I seem to be in a tea-flavor changing mood today ’cause I can really see this sandal work together with a white Greek-style short dress and a piece of heavy jewelry, like a pair of large turquoise earrings.

A Shoe-Mystery: Rene Caovilla Crystal-Wrap Sandal

Don’t get me wrong. This is a beautifully crafted elegant shoe:

Rene Caovilla Crystal-Wrap Sandal

But here is a question I personally thought I would never utter, considering my slightly-above-the-average shoe interest: How do you put them on?

Maybe it is just me but “black and white porcelain crystals set in silvertone metal, trimmed in clear pave crystals” does not sound like something you slide your foot into, adjust to your ankle (make it stay there!) and go dancing all night, without the slightest fear of the whole installation breaking and you not so gracefully crawling around on all four  trying to pick up the above mentioned crystals from  the dance floor.

Chains and sandals: Isabel Marant Chainlink Sandals

Minimalism at its coolest:


Isabel Marant Chainlink Sandal

I am not sure if the ankle (and a good portion of the calf muscle?) becomes a decoratively tied up ham or sleek urban etno metallic bejeweled cherry of top of a cool outfit due to the most eminent feature of this Isabel Marant sandal – the ankle straps.

However, the unusual proportions have tickled my imagination enough for me wanting to see which way the ankle presentation swings. Considering the hipness of brand and the unusual design, the probability that I will get the chance, on some in fashion-bloggers feet featured on one of the numerous street style blogs does not seem too far fetch.


Shoe look alikes: Mango Fetish Sandals & Giuseppe Zanotti Satin High Heel Sandals

Sure, it is maybe not so hard to guess which is which, even without the text under each shoe.

Mango Fetish Sandal

Giuseppe Zanotti Satin High Heel Sandal

Slightly sleeker, slightly “cleaner”, slightly curvier in all the right places, almost flawless in execution – credit where credit is due, which in this case is to the right. However, when focusing only at the price tag of €413 euros for Giuseppe Zanottis satin perfection, credit takes a sharp turn to the  left and lands at the €70 it takes to get a touch of fetish in your shoe collection. To conclude, a matter of personal taste and wallet.

Shoe fab: Miu Miu Multistrap Sandal

Well, after a tad of bitchin’ sprinkled with a dose of cynicism and topped of with some irony for the last two posts, lets take a small break from the dark side and indulge in some shoe fabness, right?

One could think that this shortly after Christmas, I would need at least a month or two before lusting after a pair of red shoes. Yes, a normal person might. But any normal person should also be able to see that these Miu Miu Multistrap sandals are freakin’ gorgeous:

Miu Miu Multistrap sandal

If this shoe was a girl something like this would be suitable in my world:

– Sexy and beautiful as in “Yes, I am quite gorgeous and I know it so no need to rub it in your face, my pure self-assured appearance will do that” type of girl, without tendencies for provocative bikini pictures on her Facebook page in order to get likes from her 1000+ friends out of which 954 are either teenaged or middle-aged men she has never met irl. These sandals are hot but they are not throwing their thongs at people to gain their attention. (Sandals have thongs?  – you ask with a raised eyebrow. Tonight they do, bare with me.)

– Sexy but also elegant at the same time, as in the quotation marks above, continued with “… hence I do not put out easily”. Why don’t you start with splurging out $795 at Barneys for our first têtê-à-têtê, and we’ll take it from there?

– Beautiful, sexy, elegant and demanding as in “Seriously, look at me, in my red sleek perfection. You will be the centre of attention because of your (foot) arm-candy. You better be groomed and broomed before even lifting your point finger to dial my number and ask for a date” In shoe-language this equals perfect pedicure. Perfect.

Shoe fab: GianMarco Lorenzi high-heeled sandals

Holá shoe-cravings! Say hello to GianMarco Lorenzi high-heeled sandals:

Gianmarco Lorenzo High-Heeled Sandals

Sure, the stiletto heel is probably super sensitive and will get a mark if a bump on the sidewalk just looks at it. Yes, the blue suede does also look quite delicate. But who said anything about the ugly concept of “being practical” when it comes to shoes?

The combination of the colours is fantastic, summery and crispy, the ankle straps with side buckle closures give a bit of edginess to it without making it lose its feminine form (whilst also matching the little golden detail on the side of the shoe – don’t you just love it when designers put attention to small stuff like that?) and the sum of it all creates a gorgeous summer sandal to be worn with pretty much everything. It also manages to give me a well-needed energy-slap in the face in the midst of January’s greyness and dullness and that in itself is a reason for thumbs up from my side.

If you want to check them out for yourself, they are available at Joox.

Dune Gwyneth D Assymetric Strappy Sandal

When it comes to shoes, online commerce can almost be compared to a dating service (monogamy part excluded though) – the shoes are potential candidates for our homes and hearts and we make the pick, based on our needs, wants and capacity.

Sometimes a girl simply need something practical and neat, something she can present to her work colleagues, or take a walk in the park with – something that will hold in the long run, season after season right there at her side. Sometimes, we simply get attracted to something gorgeous, sexy and perfect for those special occasions that come on “no-commitment basis”. Yes, we know and can deal with the fact that the shoe is way to impractical for everyday life, especially for the long run but it is simply too yummy not to take home.

Considering the long side-loop above, I really wish that Dune has provided Gwyneth with a more flattering photo before letting her out on the market.

Dune Gwyneth D Assymetric Strappy Sandal

I dislike this angle on shoe pictures, especially when it is not combined by a side angle. It is hard to tell the lines of the model and put proportions of the shoe in relation to each other. We see that this might be a potentially really hot summer shoe matched perfectly with tanned legs and something breezy higher up in the region or a cute but a tad clumsy sandal.

But! There is always a but, isn’t it? If you go to Dunes webpage and watch the catwalk movie (applause to Dune for slapping on a pair of shoes on a pair of feet and filming it for a couple of seconds, it makes things so much easier for us customers) you can actually see that the option A, a hot summer sandal, is the right one. When also considering the reduced price tag of £42, one can only conclude – Gwyneth D is the perfect catch on the market.

Alexander Wang Chloe perch-trimmed leather sandals

A mishmash of black, grey and peach, suede, leather, patent leather and perch – theoretically I should really dislike AW’s Chloe. The fact that most “weight” of the shoe is focused on the ankle thanks to the distinctive strap should also work in its disadvantage. Theoretically. ‘Cause let’s be honest, very few of us go for shopping thinking “Jeez, I really hope to find shoes today that will make my ankles look a bit thicker and heavier”.

However, “less is more” is not always correct and to me these sandals are a perfect example of that. They are hot but in that useful easy-to-match sleek  way. Not too girly, not too bulky and with a decent 10cm heel, they meet all the demands for the perfect easy-to-walk-in city sandals. Chloe costs £385 and can be found at Net-A-Porter.