Colourful shoe shopping on a shoe string: Zara Court Shoes

Excuses in advance for potential TV commercial vibes in this post.

Feel for a colourful feet vitamin shot but your budget is currently tighter than Kylie Minoque’s hotpants back in those days? As so many times before, Zara is offering a couple of “even more price-worthy than usual” alternatives. And while the pointy (and pink) pumps trend might have faded untill the Summer of 2013, for the modest price tag of app €40 there is no reason for anybody to lose sleep due to potential fashion risks of the next season.

Fashion Court Shoe



And for app €33 there is also a possibility to take a walk in the opposite colour scheme (pun intended):

Coloured Faux Suede Court Shoes

Extra points for the slightly  more almond-rounded toe. With all respect to current trends, one of my big toes’ primary needs is still a touch of personal space.


Shoe Stella McCandy: Cherry Pumps & Seagulls Sandals

The Outnet is having Stella McCartney fever at the moment (which is not necessarily a good thing for a designer but is usually a profitable opportunity for the broad fashion interested masses – hence we like it).

Anyhow, I must have bad Summer munchies right now because while it might be just a tad a bit too perky for me in usual case, I find these platform sandals really cute:

Stella McCartney Nautical Patent platform sandals

It is “Wonder Woman on vacation in a small south European coast city where fish is fresh, people are friendly and there is no need to think about rescuing the mankind in minimal panties” – works for me.

Stella McCartney Cherry-emballished peep-toe pumps

Sure, sure nice colours, lovely golden detail at the heel, summery, crispy etc but honestly, this is here mostly because of the cherry. Too freakin’ cute.

Same, same but different: Nine West Feelngood Pumps

When shoehunting the web for some inspiring pieces to share with you, I often see same model in different colours. No groundbreaking news there to anyone with a laptop and slightest interest in fashion. Usually I do not even bother to put up all available options because I know straight away which one I like and that’s the one I post.

However, this might be one of the rare occasions when I have a hard time picking only one of the eight (yes, eight, you are starting to understand my dilemma now?) available options. I might be in a desperate white fatigue ’cause of all mountains of snow around me but I am currently drawn to every boldly coloured shoe known to man a bit more than usual. Hence, I really like this:

Nine West Feelngood Saphire Suede

And this:


Nine West Feelngood Flamingo


Obviously, I am also totally fine with the idea of  foot bouquet. Hence, this:

Nine West Feelngood Black Multi Fabric

If none of the presented options is your cup of tea but you still like the model and the scalloped edge, you can find the remaining five options at Nine West.


Aldo Bolus

We can deny it all we want but the gruesome fact is – winter sales are in the final phase, even called further reductions/70%sale/clearance etc etc. However, do not despair, there is solace to be found in all summery goodies that have started to pop up here and there, like fragile flowers on a meadow of black leather, fur, rubber soles and every other detail typical for winter footwear.

May it be that I am still in the mood for the combo blue&beige/brown from the lovely Gianmarco Lorenzis featured earlier this week, but one of those little flowers that I want to share with you is Aldo Bolus:

Aldo Bolus

Lovely colours, lovely model, and an equally lovely price of app. €86 – well, what more can a shoe-girl ask for? Maybe just a splash of red nail polish and a perfect pedi to top it of with.

River Island multi coloured print espadrille court shoes

Well, well, River Island sure has started tempting with their S/S’12 candy:

River Island Multi Coloured Print Espandrille Court Shoes

Because this sure is lovely and considering the price of 55£, I would even call it a lovely steal. Somehow, despite the generous platform, the model comes of as cute, elegant and feminine. It also gets me in the summer mood in a way that should not be allowed in grey dull January. Bright red nail polish, pastel colours, sun, dry and walk-friendly sidewalks aaah (I take a look at my boots that are currently drying on two sheets of paper from the latest walk outside… sigh…)

Dune Gwyneth D Assymetric Strappy Sandal

When it comes to shoes, online commerce can almost be compared to a dating service (monogamy part excluded though) – the shoes are potential candidates for our homes and hearts and we make the pick, based on our needs, wants and capacity.

Sometimes a girl simply need something practical and neat, something she can present to her work colleagues, or take a walk in the park with – something that will hold in the long run, season after season right there at her side. Sometimes, we simply get attracted to something gorgeous, sexy and perfect for those special occasions that come on “no-commitment basis”. Yes, we know and can deal with the fact that the shoe is way to impractical for everyday life, especially for the long run but it is simply too yummy not to take home.

Considering the long side-loop above, I really wish that Dune has provided Gwyneth with a more flattering photo before letting her out on the market.

Dune Gwyneth D Assymetric Strappy Sandal

I dislike this angle on shoe pictures, especially when it is not combined by a side angle. It is hard to tell the lines of the model and put proportions of the shoe in relation to each other. We see that this might be a potentially really hot summer shoe matched perfectly with tanned legs and something breezy higher up in the region or a cute but a tad clumsy sandal.

But! There is always a but, isn’t it? If you go to Dunes webpage and watch the catwalk movie (applause to Dune for slapping on a pair of shoes on a pair of feet and filming it for a couple of seconds, it makes things so much easier for us customers) you can actually see that the option A, a hot summer sandal, is the right one. When also considering the reduced price tag of £42, one can only conclude – Gwyneth D is the perfect catch on the market.

Giuseppe Zanotti Studded Crisscross Platform Pump

Being horizontally challenged when it comes to feet, meaning always having to aim for the biggest digit of the size chart, today is a very special day. A unique one to be honest and I am glad to be able to share it with you. Instead of the standard, worn-out jokes about big feet such as “No, I don’t need to borrow skis, I’ll just take a pair of my old ballerinas” (I know, crappy) I can honestly say – Wish I just had a tiny little bit bigger feet!

The reason for this (probably temporary) mental u-turn is Giuseppe Zanotti Studded Crisscross platform pump:

Giuseppe Zanotti Studded Crisscross Platform Pump

As soon as I laid my eyes on them I started with the internal check list: Gorgeous? Yes. (Feeling the little shoe-craving butterfly starting to flutter) At sale? Most definitely. (Yeay! Starting to make combos with my wardrobe, red nailpolish mmm, at the same time as I am checking the available shoe sizes and trying to hold back my expectations from running high)  In my size? No, of course not. (Sigh…) Only size 42 left. What??

But a beauty is still a beauty, no? And when I encounter a pair of peep-toes with extreme leg-lengthening effect due to the nude tone and 13,6cm stiletto heel that also happen to be blinged with golden rhinestones I have only one thing to say – well, pitty that my feet are too small.* Otherwise, these babies and my feet would soon be making out with each other more intense than two teenagers at a school disco.


*Ah, I’ve always wanted to say this. Next thing on my oral bucket list is of course “Driver, follow that car!”

A shoe girl’s New Years Eve essentials: Awesome shoes

If there is a night of the year where we shoe-lovers can live out our bling fetish to the fullest, it’s definitely the one that is only a couple of days from now – New Years Eve. So let’s ignore the totally logical argument that you can wear whatever rocks your boat that night, that the lines between the different price categories can be a bit blurry and very individual and let’s just indulge in the sweet world of shiny, sparkly high-heeled bling during the next couple of days, starting today with a couple of bargains. Tomorrow we’ll continue climbing up the slippery price ladder to the medium category (pay to play).

Bargain category:

Eliza Sugarfree shoes

What caught my eye was of course the purple colour of Eliza. And the reasonable price tag of €65 at Nelly

I really like the simplicity of Aldo’s Bremseth. They will definitely not go unnoticed but they will not make people put on sunglasses when looking at them, despite the bronze leather:

Bremseth Aldo

I’ve featured Gorgeous earlier, much due to its cone-shaped heel and simple lines. Therefore, I am glad to see that the good people of Topshop have produced a glitter-encrusted version as well, and topped it off with heel in pewter metal :

Gorgeous Topshop

No matter how much I cringe at the name, I can not deny that Promiscuous Ryan, the pink version makes me think of candy. In a totally cute, the Wizard of Oz way:


(But really, can you imagine the conversation? “Awesome shoes, what brand is it?” “Ehum… Promis cough us” “Say what?” and so on until one of us tires. Or am I just an old outdated prune?)

Anyhow, I know that using the attribute “bling” for the next shoe is to stretch it a bit but honestly – the bow got me:

rsvp Cailyn

Rsvp Cailyn looks like a lovely Christmas gift waiting to be unwrapped.* Preferably somewhere without any signs of rain due to its satin upper but hey, New Years Eve is well-known for its dry weather. Ehum.

*Or combined with red nailpolish. Or both, depending on the ocassion.

Topshop Stereo Suede Stud Shoe Boots

This Fall and Winter Topshop has really been rockin’ the delicate balancing between sweet and spicy when it comes to studs and these boots are no exception:

Topshop Stereo Suede Shoe Boots

The placement of the studs remind me of Glisten pumps I featured earlier and which I also liked. No matter how much I adore bling, and heavens knows it is quite a bit, I also appreciate when a couple of  studs are  giving some edginess to a shoe but not to that extent that it makes people think you have looted a pair od Pinhead’s  kinky footwear.

In this case, the bright pink suede combined with the studs, side buckles and 13cm stiletto heel creates shoe candy but with an attitude. If your sweet tooth has been satisfied with all the Christmas sweets, there is also the black version:

Topshop Stereo Suede Stud Shoe Boots

Slightly meaner, probably slightly easier to match, just as covetable. Considering the discounted price of £45, also definitely affordable.

Zara Glitter Heeled Sandal

From what I can see, Zara Glitter Heeled Sandal looks quite lovely:

Zara Glitter Heeled Sandal

Taking a closer look, I definitely think that the detailing is delicately executed, which is both the plus and the minus of the shoe:

Zara Glitter Heeled Sandal

At least in my corner of the world, the season for wearing these shoes outside without risk of damaging them in one or another way is quite microscopic.  Considering the fact that the 9cm heel is made in the same way, the sandals seem so delicate that I would probably survey the terrain looking for dangerous cobblestones, bumps in the sidewalk or anything else potentially harmful more that the usual built-in instinct makes me to do when wearing high-heels. However, I can definitely imagine myself in them during favorable conditions or combined with a pair of shoes that can take the hits on the way to the festive occasion before strapping on these babies. Finally, in the worst case scenario, considering the price tag of £50, these sandals are a quite decent buy even if they should only last one or two seasons. If you think the same, you can find them here.