Shoe wow: Prada Spring Runway Collection

Well, wow.

Adore the colours or get a migraine attack, like the style or think it is tacky, crave or hate- no matter where you stand in the question of  Prada Spring Runway Collection, I think most of you will have to agree with me that these are quite impressive to look at:

Prada Jewel-Toe Taillight Wedge Sandal

Prada Flame Wedge Sandal

Prada Flame Slingback Sandal

Prada Rose-Toe Flame Sandal

I don’t know if Prada wants to build bridges between car-interested guys and our feet or stimulate the return of retro era but this is sure a lot tail lights, metallic sleek details, flames and lipsticks as exhaust pipes, all in kitschy attention-drawing colours. It is ballsy, edgy and well-crafted – a combination expected of Prada. Also, to the collection’s big advantage, it is nothing like the hideous illusional boots from last year that I to this day hate from the bottom of my shoe loving heart .

While not being a very big fan of the red wedges in the second picture and knowing that there is no chance in hell that any of these shoes would exactly go smoothly with the rest of my wardrobe, I would not mind a pair of these babies (preferably the green wedges in the first pic) on a display shelf at home, providing a given discussion topic no matter the visitors nor the occasion. Ok, maybe I would take them for a walk now and then as well. After all, a shoe lover is a shoe lover.

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  1. Sonia

     /  February 19, 2012

    Those old Prada illusional boots are UGLY!!! Did people actually buy them? Now these new Prada scandals, are pretty interesting looking. I don’t think I have the guts to wear them but I sure will watching the person walking by with them on.

    • Both yes and no I think. I remember netaporter having the version in snake skin but I remember it also being on sale haha. I would love to see these on a person and especially the rest of the outfit!

  2. I am absolutely dying over this collection. It’s perfect.


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