Shoe Fab: Aleksandre Birman Python Court Shoes

Well, let’s heat up the icy and snowy (at least in my part of the world, I don’y know about yours but as always “misery loves company” hoho*) start of a new week with something a bit sexy, shall we?

Just when I start to think that it is time for my friends to do an intervention ’cause the current temperature levels around -20C have killed my shoe-mojo and essence of life (awesome shoes) replacing it with life-long membership in the UGGs-only club, something like this strawls in: :

Aleksandre Birman Python Court Shoes

But wait, there is a bit more, a bit of cherry on this warm beige and brown icecream:

Aleksandre Birman Python Court Shoes

Lovely, lovely indeed. A perfect shoe to make your red or aubergine coloured nailpolish pop and your leg seem superlong without being just another pair of dull nude shoes.

PS: Be assured! “Skins authorized by CITES (” I have no idea what that is but the first question to pop in my head was “Did the actual python wearing it authorized it as well?” followed by a cynical laugh.

* Don’t hate me, I am just an overly shoe-interested human being.

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  1. Sonia

     /  February 6, 2012

    Absolutely beautiful. Love the lines and how different they are. Definitely something I would look into buying. Thanks for sharing.


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