Colourful shoe shopping on a shoe string: Zara Court Shoes

Excuses in advance for potential TV commercial vibes in this post.

Feel for a colourful feet vitamin shot but your budget is currently tighter than Kylie Minoque’s hotpants back in those days? As so many times before, Zara is offering a couple of “even more price-worthy than usual” alternatives. And while the pointy (and pink) pumps trend might have faded untill the Summer of 2013, for the modest price tag of app €40 there is no reason for anybody to lose sleep due to potential fashion risks of the next season.

Fashion Court Shoe



And for app €33 there is also a possibility to take a walk in the opposite colour scheme (pun intended):

Coloured Faux Suede Court Shoes

Extra points for the slightly  more almond-rounded toe. With all respect to current trends, one of my big toes’ primary needs is still a touch of personal space.


Shoe architecture: Zara Court Shoe with Metal Toe Cap

Chain of events when surfing around on Zara’s webpage and stumbling upon this:

Zara Court Shoe with Metal Toe Cap

1. Giggling a bit longer than humoristically acceptable to the typo Court Show, instead of Court Shoe (please let it be typo and not somebody out there that actually believes that there is a category of shoes called court show)

2. Squinting my eyes longer than it should be necessary considering  1) I don’t wear nor need glasses 2) this is a freakin’ webshop, the company trying to sell me stuff should make sure the only time I squint is to double-check my credit card details before clicking the magic purchase button, not to see the details of the actual product I’m interested in.

3. Realizing that these vaguely Casadei Structured Pump resembling heels and Christian Louboutin Duvette metal toe are a pretty neat and uncommon go at the architectural design from a high-street chain. Yellow is not my first choice when it comes to shoes but give out these in classical black, dark blue or light grey and we might be in business.

Breaking the usual colour taboos: Zara high-heel sandal and platform court shoe

We’ve all heard it before: thou shall NOT use mismatching colours in one  outfit! Well, it is time to wake up your colour rebel and take a look at Zara who steps it up a notch regarding this “fashion faux pas” already at the below-ankles level:

Zara High heel sandal with buckles

Brown and black? Neat. No problem matching that brown belt with that black bag now.

Zara Two tone platform court shoe

 Pink and red (orange?)? Well, yes thank you.




* the most classical “DONT’s” being brown and black/red and pink/navy blue and black etc etc.

High-street Shoes SS’12: Zara

While Winter sales are taking their last breaths, let’s take a look on what SS’12 has to offer so far at one of our beloved hunting grounds – Zara. The new season at Zara has started with classical colour palette dominated by nude, black and brown and went sparsely on the colour pops.

Zara Combined Sandal

My personal favourite. If these sandals are at least relatively manageable to walk in (the curved shape of the heel raises doubts once again but you know the oldie “don’t judge it ’til you tried it”) they should disappear from the webshop faster than a diet pill backstage at Victoria’s Secret. (I know I knoow, they are naturally thin, high metabolism, carb allergy yada yada).


Zara Two Tone Platform Court Shoe

Despite the obvious impracticability of the über-light parts, which will probably not look too peachy after one season unless you live somewhere with stable, dry and clean climate, I really like the fact that this is a modern but elegant and highly versatile shoe. Also, without the problematic part, the shoe would just be one in the row of basic black and possibly slightly heavy platform pumps.


Zara Basic Heel Boot

Well, it is January. Before “sun is shining, birds are singing” kicks in and we can wear shoe#1 and shoe#2 there will probably be a lot of days when we will need something like shoe#3. Which should not look too bad with skinnies and a lot of layering on top.


River Island Pointed Toe Court Shoes

The rich green* and the curvy lines got my attention here:

River Island Pointed Toe Court Shoes

The model reminds me of a slightly more foot-friendly version of the black Zara pumps that were very popular when they hit the market some time ago. And foot-friendly is always positive, right? Hmmm, that is also my biggest discomfort regarding the shoe. I love the rich green, I love the lines of the model and I love the fact that there are lovely shoes out there for people who see 10cm as the end of their comfort zone. But I would simply worship them if they were just a tiny bit more badass, slightly higher and with just a tiny bit curvier heel, even if that would increase the similarities with the above mentioned Zara pump. I also think that another shape of the heel would highlight the 10cm heel that actually seems shorter to me now. Anyhow, want to decide for yourself? Click here.

* nope, still no green shoes. The quest goes on.

Zara Glitter Heeled Sandal

From what I can see, Zara Glitter Heeled Sandal looks quite lovely:

Zara Glitter Heeled Sandal

Taking a closer look, I definitely think that the detailing is delicately executed, which is both the plus and the minus of the shoe:

Zara Glitter Heeled Sandal

At least in my corner of the world, the season for wearing these shoes outside without risk of damaging them in one or another way is quite microscopic.  Considering the fact that the 9cm heel is made in the same way, the sandals seem so delicate that I would probably survey the terrain looking for dangerous cobblestones, bumps in the sidewalk or anything else potentially harmful more that the usual built-in instinct makes me to do when wearing high-heels. However, I can definitely imagine myself in them during favorable conditions or combined with a pair of shoes that can take the hits on the way to the festive occasion before strapping on these babies. Finally, in the worst case scenario, considering the price tag of £50, these sandals are a quite decent buy even if they should only last one or two seasons. If you think the same, you can find them here.

Shoe Look alikes: Zara Tufted Platform Courts & Christian Louboutins Big Lips 120

Zara Tufted Platform Court Shoe

Zara Tufted Platform Court Shoe

Christian Louboutin Big Lips 120 Suede Pumps

Christian Louboutin Big Lips 120 Suede Pumps

It is quite normal that high-street brands get varying levels of inspiration from luxury designers. The scale starts usually at “brief similarity in some details” that gives us customers a vague déjà-vu feeling but not really ability to map the inspiration source. The other end is “a shameless rip-off” that make us either turn away in discomfort or squeak out loud out of joy right there in the store, collecting a couple of weird glances from the fellow customers at the same time, due to the possibility to buy a hot pair of shoes and still eat something more than noodles for the rest of the month.

When I saw Zara pumps in the store for the first time, my mind immediately went to the Louboutin classics Big Lips 120 Suede Pumps. Zara shoes are “boxier” and you can clearly see the edge where the heel starts while Loubis are one-piece and almond-toe shaped but for me the basics of the shoe look the same. So where in the scale mentioned above do I stand in this case? Am I raising my judgmental point finger with a smirk on my face (no, not the middle finger, this is a polite blog) or am I stretching out my new Zara shoes as I write this? Actually neither nor. I think the level of inspiration is quite acceptable due to the simplicity of the model – a basic pump with not-so-basic heel. However, the not-so-basic part of the shoe is not really my cup of tea. The thought of the narrow thin heel and the weight it is supposed to endure during a normal urban hike which includes uneven sidewalks, grids, street wells and every other possible object causing it to break or me to get stuck freaks me out a bit. However, if you are one of the braver ones out there, you can start from Zaras homepage and navigate to your country. The Loubis are an older model and are sold out.