Shoe math or come on: Kanye West By Giuseppe Zanotti “Kanye All Over Beads Sandals”

I don’t even longer know, maybe I AM an old prune. Maybe I am not really gettin’ the whole “it” of shoe fashion, maybe I will soon get the same shocked look from my friends as my mom got from me suggesting that I borrow her 3cm heeled (very middle-aged  looking) pumps for a school disco eternities ago (yes, I had a horizontally challenged feet area already then). Maybe I am losing a sense of (at least in my opinion) good taste.

But, for the in-my-book considerable sum of €4 505, in the choice between this:

Kanye All Over Beads Sandals


Dolce & Gabbana Crystal-embellished satin pumps

PLUS (nope, not another “or”, plus it is) THIS:

Christian Louboutin Asteroid 140 suede and patent-leather pumps

And what the hell, for the additional €35,  these AS WELL, together with the two abovementioned pairs:

Christian Louboutin Maggie Glitter and Snakeskin Platform Pumps

I know what option I would go for, after giving a long giggle about the most expensive beads in the history of man.

But some good shall come from the first creation as well. If Kanye’s quote   “I’m trying to right my wrongs/ But it’s funny the same wrongs help me write this song,” is true, I think we might have a new album coming out soon. The guy can sing,  we all have to give him that.


Shoe classic candy: Sam Edelman Lorissa studded faux-snale pumps

I know that Lorissa pump has been on the market for some time now, in a whole bunch of different colours but I can’t help not liking this one enough for sharing it with you:

Sam Edelman Lorissa studded faux-snake pumps

Sam Edelman Lorissa studded faux-snake pumps

Let’s take a peek where the real action is, shall we:

Sam Edelman Lorissa studded faux-snake pumps

The cold shade of the blue leather almost gives the decoration a wintery feeling, making the studs and rhinestone embellishment look like ice and frost sparkling in the sun. And while I have been muttering over this Winter quite frequently for the past few months, it is obvious that I don’t mind walking into warmer seasons with it on my feet. If you’re ok with that as well, you can find Lorissa at Harvey Nichols.

Every magpie’s dirty little wet dream: Christian Louboutin Alti 160 spiked metallic leather pumps

Freakin’ wow:


Christian Louboutin Alti 160 spiked metallic leather pumps

Look at it. I mean look at it. Let’s pick up and savor every word of this shoe in the mouth, just like small exquisite pieces of handmade candy: Christian Louboutin (mmm a good old favourite, melts great on the tip of the tounge but the taste lasts forever), Alti (well-known, juicy), 160mm (candy that makes our legs look sleeker – amazing), spiked (badass candy) and metallic leather (the magpie is diving in for an attack).

Not convinced? Here is a close up:

Christian Louboutin Alti 160 spiked metallic leather pump

Freakin’ wow.

Is it just me or… part II: Nicholas Kirkwood Pearl-Platform Satin Pump

Don’t get me wrong, this is a beautifully crafted shoe:

Nicholas Kirkwood Pearl-Platform Satin Pump

Maybe it is because of the focus of the photo, maybe it is because of the whiteness of the pearlescent beads, but I just can’t pass the impression that this pump is baring its Colgate-treated teeth at me. I don’t know if I should try to put together a cool outfit to go with it or bring out a leash.

However, the teeth-vibes go down significantly when looking at the same model in different colours:

Nicholas Kirkwood Pearl-Platform Pumps

I am putting away the leash and starting to focus on clothes. And maybe a little cool shoe tooth-brush to match the outfit.


Giambattista Valli Pumps with open toe

Oh boy, I would really have loved to see how these Giambattista Valli pumps look on foot. I think a foot or two would have done the pinky shoe-string and the ankle straps a bit more justice.

Giambattista Valli pumps with open toe

Nevertheless, I like what I see, even if the epicenter of the shoe is just hanging there. Eggshell-white saves the shoe from being too bridal, the pink details combined with the leopard pattern stop it from being dull and the ankle straps send out “bondage de light session on a lovely Summer day” vibes. Works for me.

Mulberry Signature Patent Pumps

Ah, may it be ’cause of extensive tipping, flexibility of her joints or just a step forward in her career, it is nice to see that after a couple of bumps on the road, Barbie is financially back and can afford the usual candy-sweet, totally appropriate Barbie footwear:

Mulberry Signature Patent Pumps

I think this is supercute, I just have a hard time imagining any adult woman without any daddy-issues wearing it  somewhere else than to a masquerade or a theme-party. Disagree? You can find the pumps at Luisaviaroma.

River Island Pointed Toe Court Shoes

The rich green* and the curvy lines got my attention here:

River Island Pointed Toe Court Shoes

The model reminds me of a slightly more foot-friendly version of the black Zara pumps that were very popular when they hit the market some time ago. And foot-friendly is always positive, right? Hmmm, that is also my biggest discomfort regarding the shoe. I love the rich green, I love the lines of the model and I love the fact that there are lovely shoes out there for people who see 10cm as the end of their comfort zone. But I would simply worship them if they were just a tiny bit more badass, slightly higher and with just a tiny bit curvier heel, even if that would increase the similarities with the above mentioned Zara pump. I also think that another shape of the heel would highlight the 10cm heel that actually seems shorter to me now. Anyhow, want to decide for yourself? Click here.

* nope, still no green shoes. The quest goes on.

Friday Fab: Christian Louboutin Sexy Strass 100 Swarovski crystal peep-toe pumps

Sigh, it almost feels like “Friday Fab” should change the name to “Loubi Fab” considering their frequency in this category. But look at them. Just. Look. At. Them:

Christian Louboutin Sexy Strass 100 Swarovski crystal peep-toe pumps

Sure, Sexy Strass has been on the market for some time now, but every time I see them I can’t help myself but to stop and admire the pure shoe perfection created by a clean version of a classical peep-toe, the Swarovski encrusted bronze leather and, first and foremost, the magic wand of Christian Louboutin. In my previous post, the hefty price of Giuseppe Zanottis Crystal Butterflies sandals managed to surprise me a bit. These babies cost app 800£ more and while it did not make me  high-five myself thinking “What a bargain! This means no rent or food for one month but what a catch!” the price tag did manage to pass as expected. Because of the the design, the strength of the brand, the bling bling stuff? No idea but I worship them. If you want to take a look for yourself, Sexy Strass is available on Net-a-Porter.

PS: Best matched with a good pedicure and whatever. Nobody will give a shizzle about the rest of your outfit anyway.

Lanvin Laser-Heel Ankle-Wrap Pump

After the last 24 hours of intensive last-minute shopping, gift wrapping, “Let’s grab one drink before the Christmas break, when was your flight in the morning btw? Auch that’s early.”* and kick-starting the official food indulging season at my parents house where I will be spending the next couple of days**  – it is shoe time again.

Lanvin Laser-Heel Ankle-Wrap Pump

These Lanvin pumps give me slight  “untied from the bedpost” vibes. Like the person wearing them was up in some kind of BDSM play with her partner and in the middle of it her brain froze “Sh*t, I have completely forgot that (optional activity) that starts like now!” So instead of taking the time to open up the buckles, her partner just snaps her free from the bedpost in order to spare a couple of valuable minutes and she runs off.

With that said, I like them. Personally, I would have preferred a slightly darker colour for the rest of the pumps but the ankle-wrap detail is to good to resist, even from behind:

Lanvin Laser-Heel Ankle-Wrap Pump

Yes, the bedpost vibes are here, but at least people will think that you and your partner have good taste when it comes to bedroom accessories. You can find the shoes here.

* giving the sign to the waiter for another gin and tonic at the same time

** may the best metabolism win

Christian Louboutin Splash Fur 150 Platform Peep-toe Pumps

Just like almost any shoe-interested female (and male) on the planet, I seriously worship Christian Louboutin. Tell me that you will show me a Christian Louboutin shoe and I will immediately start forming positive expectations which will be fulfilled in 95% of the cases. Well, this is one of the remaining 5%:

Christian Louboutin Splash Fur 150 Platform Peep-toe Pumps

This could seriously be the footwear of Cruela de Vil’s sister. It looks like a small, fluffy and unfortunate animal found itself on her way and after she kicked it, instead of bouncing away, with its dying breath it desperately tried to hold on and maybe survive. Rather than giving the poor animal a second chance or at least having the decency of scraping it off, the sister decided it was an awesome shoe-decoration and strapped it firmer before going to the family dinner and with a content smile murmur “Well,  how did that Pongo business turn out for you dear?”