Shoe “no freakin’ idea how to call this one”: Jeffrey Campbell Lita All Over Spike

Bloody hell.

Jeffrey Campbell Lita All Over Spike

Somewhere in another, dark and twisted universe, Pinhead just got a bit dizzy from a serious kick of shoe cravings straight to his head.


PS: Knowing the “inspiration” Litas provide and which has been featured in my blog frequently  – Similar product soon in the stores around you! (With a perky, Colgate-commercial voice)

A lot of stores. (Slightly more tired voice, emphasising “a lot”)




Jeffrey Campbell Tawny

While it might not be everybody’s cup of tea, Jeffrey Campbell manages to surprise me (positively) again with , making it two times more than I ever expected.

Jeffrey Campbell Tawny

There is a lot of metal going on here but I think that the mild colour manages to balance it all into one cool creation. The slightly curved heel resemblances to Alexander McQueens I featured earlier without being an obvious designer rip-off because it is less curved and probably more anatomically correct (Sweet Mary of Jesus, I just commented a pair of JC as practical footwear – I never thought this day would come).

While these might not be my first choice of choice when it is time to board a plane I can actually see myself in them rocking a pair of  nude city shorts (no Jessica Simpson inThe Dukes of Hazzard shorts here fo’ks), a white shirt with rolled-up sleeves and a generous amount of bracelets to match the studs. Topped of with some cool shades.

If you have a matching outfit already as well, you can find the shoes at Solestruck where they also offer a slightly spicier version:

Jeffrey Campbell Tawny

PS: Observe the note “Limit 3 per customer”. Seriously?  “Oh nice ones, I’ll take four pairs!” People do that? Congratulations to whoever that is rolling in dough over at JC.

Jeffrey Campbell ‘Kylie’ Sandal

Instead of noticing things each and every time, which would drive us wacko quite fast, our minds tend to get used to a bunch of everyday crap quite fast. We expect our car to be where we left it last night, we automatically put our keys on the tray/shelf/whatever where they usually are, and we have an estimation about people around us based on our previous encounters. So when something occurs off the beaten path, it takes the brain a couple of seconds or minutes (especially if the car is not there, cursing yourself tired takes time) to grasp the new situation. Exactly this was what happened when I stumbled upon Jeffrey Campbell Kylie sandal. Not being a big fan of Jeffery Campbell shoes in general (I look as graceful as a drunk sasquatch in them) I was honestly ready to dissect them verbally even before clicking on the link. And then I saw this :

Jeffrey Campbell Kylie

My brain stopped and blanked for a sec. Where is the huge platform? Where is the chunky heel? Or total anatomy-despising lack of it? Where is the hoof feeling?

After the first startled seconds, when I probably looked like an idiot in front of a computer screen (more than usual) I googled these shoes to make sure the webadmin at Nordstrom had not made a mistake. They haven’t (sorry for the lack of faith guys). While it might not be the shoe of my dreams, despite the generous studs, it is not more than right to be fair and give credit where credit’s due. This actually looks – totally fine.

It also looks like there is some serious customer-base expansion going on at Jeffrey Campbell’s and this has definitely tickled my shoe bone (no, not a shoe boner, faithful to monsieur Louboutin when it comes to that)  about where the brand takes it from here.

If you think so too, you can find Kylie here.

Shoe look alikes: Jeffrey Campbell Lita & Samsøe Samsøe Bambi

Well, well what do we have here and from whom?

Well, after a more thorough look, it is not impossible to see that the first shoe is Bambi from Samsøe Samsøe while the one below is the famous Lita from Jeffrey.  Considering the striking similarity and the fact that Jeffrey Campbells design really stands out (love it or hate it, you WILL recognize it everytime it pops up which is quite often lately since the brand seems to be doing really well) I have to say: Dear S&S Bambi – naughty naughty! Seriously, it is not exactly the classical pump we are talking about here, where a designer might accidentally get a detail or two to be very similar to some other already-famous shoe on the market since the core of the whole model is well, classical. There is no real space for “Ooops, really? Our shoes look pretty much the same?” here for shoe designers of Samsøe Samsøe.

However, S&S DO try to be unique in one matter, the one that baffles me the most. Maybe I am wrong but to me the first and foremost reason why somebody would buy a shoe whose design has clearly been inspired by an already popular model is simply – lower price.This logic should be especially valid for shoes that appeal to a younger customer base with three things on its mind when shopping: being stylish, cool and not-spending-all-monthly-allowance at the same time. Well not in this case, considering the fact that Bambi costs app. €10 more than Lita. Not a big price difference but still a bit remarkable one.

Personally, the model of the shoe has never been my cup of tea so I would not go for neither of the options above. I have seen people wear Lita and really look good doing it but I would not be able to pull off the shoe without looking clumsy and big-footed. Finally, as a budget option, if you have fallen in love with big chunky sky-high shoes but don’t want to spend too much money on them or maybe want to see if you can manage the heights before investing in Lita or Bambi, Nelly is also offering a very similar model, this one for one-third of the original price:

A shoe girl’s brainfreeze: Jeffrey Campbell Night Walk

Jeffrey Campbell Night Walk

Little soldiers of Lady Gaga all over the world – unite!! And start collecting money ’cause you will need it for your future tendon repair surgery.

My brain actually froze for a sec when I saw these shoes, unfortunately without any ice-cream involved. I believe that the model will appeal to a younger customer base, if not for anything else, then simply to piss off their parents. Personally, with the worst brain freeze gone, the whole creation comes of both as different AND boring to me, which is a pretty unusual combination. They look kind of  half done, like the good people of Jeffrey Campbell wanted to produce a radical, attention-drawing show-stopper, started enthusiastically with the curved heel, kind of got tired somewhere about there and simplified the rest of the shoe to the extreme. Just to get it over with. To clarify, I believe that this kind of shoe should be simple, in order for the shape of the heel to stand out. However, it is still possible to make it a gorgeous piece of art:

Alexander McQueen Curved Wedge Shoe