Shoe math or come on: Kanye West By Giuseppe Zanotti “Kanye All Over Beads Sandals”

I don’t even longer know, maybe I AM an old prune. Maybe I am not really gettin’ the whole “it” of shoe fashion, maybe I will soon get the same shocked look from my friends as my mom got from me suggesting that I borrow her 3cm heeled (very middle-aged  looking) pumps for a school disco eternities ago (yes, I had a horizontally challenged feet area already then). Maybe I am losing a sense of (at least in my opinion) good taste.

But, for the in-my-book considerable sum of €4 505, in the choice between this:

Kanye All Over Beads Sandals


Dolce & Gabbana Crystal-embellished satin pumps

PLUS (nope, not another “or”, plus it is) THIS:

Christian Louboutin Asteroid 140 suede and patent-leather pumps

And what the hell, for the additional €35,  these AS WELL, together with the two abovementioned pairs:

Christian Louboutin Maggie Glitter and Snakeskin Platform Pumps

I know what option I would go for, after giving a long giggle about the most expensive beads in the history of man.

But some good shall come from the first creation as well. If Kanye’s quote   “I’m trying to right my wrongs/ But it’s funny the same wrongs help me write this song,” is true, I think we might have a new album coming out soon. The guy can sing,  we all have to give him that.


Shoe fab: Giuseppe Zanotti 140mm Suede Sling Back Pumps

Well, life sure is a fickle sometimes. One day, yellow is not my choice of colour, and the next – well hello!


Giuseppe Zanotti 140mm Suede Open Toe Pumps

The man who reunited me with slingbacks seems to be arranging a first date with the colour yellow as well. And as long as it shows up with 14cm stilettos, characteristically elegant Zanotti slingback lines and a platform that presents it as totally wearable without breaking your neck- I might put out on the first date. I’ll make sure I wear blood-red nail polish and a summery easy breezy dress to let my legs do all the work (for the outfit people, for the outfit).

Shoe look alikes: Mango Fetish Sandals & Giuseppe Zanotti Satin High Heel Sandals

Sure, it is maybe not so hard to guess which is which, even without the text under each shoe.

Mango Fetish Sandal

Giuseppe Zanotti Satin High Heel Sandal

Slightly sleeker, slightly “cleaner”, slightly curvier in all the right places, almost flawless in execution – credit where credit is due, which in this case is to the right. However, when focusing only at the price tag of €413 euros for Giuseppe Zanottis satin perfection, credit takes a sharp turn to the  left and lands at the €70 it takes to get a touch of fetish in your shoe collection. To conclude, a matter of personal taste and wallet.

Giuseppe Zanotti No Heel Crystal-Studded Sandal

Dear Giuseppe, I love you. After almost 25 years of frosty relations, you are the man who brought back harmony between me and slingbacks. Over and over again. Sure, we are not in love but we are talking on regular basis, and that is big in my book.

I also think it is great that you have implemented “Take Your Child to Work Day”. Cudos to you. But providing those kids with a glue gun,a bag of M&Ms and a bunch of shiny crap in different shapes and colours and let them go loose on a pair of shoes that are actually released on the market later?

Giuseppe Zanotti No Heel Crystal-Studded Sandal

Ballsy. Ballsy indeed.

PS1: The description of the abovementioned shoe over at Neiman Marcus starts with “Suspend your disbelief”. Not possible.

PS2: The same description ends with (bla bla) “…complete the whimsical statement”. Hmmm… Maybe I take myself way too seriously but has there ever been a situation in your lives when you wanted to make a whimsical statement? With your footwear?  “Damn! I made way too un-whimsical impression with these shoes! What will people think??” Ever happened to you? Anybody?

Giuseppe Zanotti Studded Crisscross Platform Pump

Being horizontally challenged when it comes to feet, meaning always having to aim for the biggest digit of the size chart, today is a very special day. A unique one to be honest and I am glad to be able to share it with you. Instead of the standard, worn-out jokes about big feet such as “No, I don’t need to borrow skis, I’ll just take a pair of my old ballerinas” (I know, crappy) I can honestly say – Wish I just had a tiny little bit bigger feet!

The reason for this (probably temporary) mental u-turn is Giuseppe Zanotti Studded Crisscross platform pump:

Giuseppe Zanotti Studded Crisscross Platform Pump

As soon as I laid my eyes on them I started with the internal check list: Gorgeous? Yes. (Feeling the little shoe-craving butterfly starting to flutter) At sale? Most definitely. (Yeay! Starting to make combos with my wardrobe, red nailpolish mmm, at the same time as I am checking the available shoe sizes and trying to hold back my expectations from running high)  In my size? No, of course not. (Sigh…) Only size 42 left. What??

But a beauty is still a beauty, no? And when I encounter a pair of peep-toes with extreme leg-lengthening effect due to the nude tone and 13,6cm stiletto heel that also happen to be blinged with golden rhinestones I have only one thing to say – well, pitty that my feet are too small.* Otherwise, these babies and my feet would soon be making out with each other more intense than two teenagers at a school disco.


*Ah, I’ve always wanted to say this. Next thing on my oral bucket list is of course “Driver, follow that car!”

A shoe girl’s New Years Eve essentials: Awesome shoes “crème de la crème”

Let’s top of the remaining few hours of this year with top of the line, “a girl can always dream” gorgeous New Years Eve shoes, shall we?

Let’s start with – bloody hell. Ever since I told you about my traumatic childhood memory of slingbacks (snifle…) and the skepticism it left me with towards the model, the skepticism that followed me faithfully throughout the years, I’ve started to see gorgeous, hot, elegant, feminine slingbacks almost everywhere. One of the foremost to blame for this is Giuseppe Zanotti with his beautiful, sensual creations and so it is in this case as well:

Giuseppe Zanotti Embellished suede and leather slingbacks

Pure perfection.

Usually I am not a big fan of high-heeled shoes that show a lot of foot. A peek here, a peek there is all good but the fact that I love shoes does not automatically means that I love feet. Have nothing against them of course, they serve my shoes very well haha. Anyhow, despite that little aversion, I really like the feminine fragility these Miu Miu silver-glitter t-strap platform sandals radiate:

Miu Miu Glitter T-strap Platform Sandals

Honestly, just the blinged platform and the fact that designers had the guts to combine silver glitter with gold piping is enough to kick-start my cravings, despite the clear foot-focus.

There has not been any wedges in this little NYE special because I think it’s hard to find a wedge shoe that goes well with a classical evening look in  December. Somehow, wedgies are summer shoes to me – that is, they were untill now:

Jimmy Choo Bello Glitter Wedges

All good and fancy but if you feel for a bit heavier shoe when it comes to appearance? Maybe Gucci Crystal-embellished silk-satin peep-toe pumps will do?

Gucci Crystal-embellished silk-satin peep-toe pumps

Cause they sure would make my day to be honest, and not in the Dirty Harry way.

A list of gorgeous bling shoes is not complete without the master of female footwear, the father of the famous red soles – Christian Louboutin. (Did you ever doubt for a sec that a pair of Loubis would not pop up?) So for the last but oh definitely not the least, the gorgeous Sobek:

Christian Louboutin "Sobek"

I wish you a wonderful New Years Eve and a Happy New Year!

Shoe Look alikes: Giuseppe Zanotti Striped Sling Back & Sam Edelman Novato Open Toe

Just as I was planning to feature Giuseppe Zanaottis Striped Sling Backs and their bold but successful mixture of colours and patterns, that you can see here:

Giuseppe Zanotti Striped Sling Back Pumps

I stumbled upon this:

Sam Edelman Novato Open Toe Platform Heels

The first thought that passed through my mind was  “Oh, did Giuseppe Zanotti design a version of the sling back without the peep-toe? But why make it so clumsy?”. Then I realized that I was looking at totally another brand and model (with a minimal peep-toe). I do not know how much Sam Edelman got “inspired” from Giuseppe Zanottis sling backs, I will always have a bit of a soft spot for Sam since he introduced Lorissa to us mortals so I don’t want to judge too fast, but the similarities between the two shoes are quite striking to me.

When it comes to the matter of pure eye-candy, I personally prefer Zanotti slingbacks. However, except for the touch of leopard print, snake embossed heel and generally sleeker and more elegant lines, they also come with the juicy price tag of app. €600 while Novato lands at the more modest price of €90. That makes the shoe ratio “a pair of shoes for another shoe’s half a heel” or something like that.   Both shoes can be found at Shopbop, Guiseppe Zanotti slingbacks here and Sam Edelman Novato here.

Giuseppe Zanotti Crystal Butterfly Sandals

Speaking of the advantages of seeing a shoe on foot in my previous post, I definitely think a picture like that would have benefited Giuseppe Zanotti Crystal Butterfly Sandals:

Giuseppe Zanotti Crystal Butterfly Sandals

It is a bit unclear what is what but there is definitely a lot of butterflies, some straps and what seems to be a really elegant pair of sandals, something that is further indicated by this:

Giuseppe Zanotti Crystal Butterfly Sandals

Sleek and sexy, no?

After the first wave of speculations with myself about how they look, a detail made me raise an eyebrow. With my shoe interest I have seen a pair or two of designer shoes throughout the years, embellished with pretty much everything from heavy studs to Swarovski crystals. However, the price tag of £1 100 that comes together with these sandals still managed to surprise me a bit.  Yes, they are very pretty but that makes them the most expensive pair of shoes featured in this little blog so far and they have not given me the biggest shoe cravings of them all. Maybe I am missing something, dunno. Want to throw your eye on them for yourself? You can find the shoes at Harvey Nichols.

Giuseppe Zanotti Velvet Open Toe Pumps

Hmmm, this sure seems to becoming a very glamorous week on this little shoe blog. But being a sucker for red stilettos, how could I resist showing you Giuseppe Zanotti Open Toe Pumps?

Giuseppe Zanotti Velvet Open Toe Pumps

Usually I am not a big fan of slingbacks. They demand PERFECT heels due to total exposure. They also only offer a small strap as a support for the whole project of climbing up on high heels and hopefully staying there for a whole night of dancing. Trusting two small straps with my complete body weight throughout all that? Never been a risk taker to be honest.

I think that my resistance to the model goes long way back. When I was around eight years old, and dinosaurs still roamed the earth,  my mum bought me a pair of slingbacks. Of course they were not stilettos, my mum is a totally normal parent and even if Suri Cruise kind of raised the bar for children footwear honestly, that would still be a no go for me as a kid. Thankfully.

Due to the inability to put my foot down in an absolutely flat angle to the ground (like majority of people with arches I guess) it did not take long untill the strap stretched out and it looked like the sole of the shoe was trying to escape my foot by sliding to the side. Not a pretty sight and definitely not practical. The whole experience kind of etched into my brain so ever since then, every time I have an encounter with an interesting pair of slingbacks, the first thing I do is to suspiciously examine the strap, and most of the time walk away murmuring “too weak”. Yes, sometimes my real age is 105.

However, the velvety, sleek perfection of 14,5 cm high Guiseppe Zanotti pumps definitely make an incentive for inner development. Yes, they are sky-high but the 4cm platform decreases the angle of the foot to the manageable 10,5cm. Complemented with limited dancing and other kind of movement, unlimited taxi supply and a simple dress that puts focus on the feet I belive that these slingbacks make up a fabulous and manageable pair of shoes.  For further admiration, the beauties can be found here.

Giuseppe Zanotti: Patent Colorblock Pump


Let’s face it, Mondays in general are dull. Mondays in November are even duller. So let’s sweeten up the start of the week with Giuseppe Zanotti‘s Patent Colorblock Pumps. These are the kind of shoes that make you in a better mood just by showing up, preferably at your house wrapped in a gift package. Usually, I am not so much into the  pink and yellow, but the bold colour combination combined with the sleek, elegant silhouette of the shoe and the glossy patent leather actually makes it work. It also makes them look like really cute candy which definitely kickstarts my sugar cravings. So while I go check out the kitchen hoping for some long-time forgotten sugar stash, you can take another look at this shoe candy at Neiman Marcus.