Ah come on II: Maison Martin Margiela Painted PVC Booties

Sorry people, I know there has been a tad of whining in this blog but the wonderful world of shoes seems very confusing lately.

Maison Martin Margiela Painted PVC Booties

Without even going into the specific details of this, such as $900 price tag or the totally unflattering model or why they just did not go to the shop for another can of black instead of releasing it on the market (they surely must have a trainee or fifteen responsible for crucial tasks like that), the two biggest questions in my head are: How could anybody at any point of time think that this is a good idea? And why?

Shoe candy-ish: Yves Saint Laurent “Shield” Loafer Pump

I know that these shoes will be featured on at least a couple of fashion blogs. I know that the posts will have an exclamation point or two because of their “coolness” “cravings” they ’cause or whatever. And honestly, I do find them somehow in an unexplainable way cute and cool at the same time and I do find them kind off possible on somebody else’s feet. I mean you just need to take a look at your shoes to see how your lipstick is holding up a couple of hours into the night:

YSL Shield Loafer Pump

But right now, the only thing I can think about (without putting any kind of value or opinion in it yada yada and fully aware of totally politically incorrect stereotyping (did I cover it all?)) is “every gay musketeer’s wet dream of all footwear”.

If you disagree, Shield loafer pumps can be found at Nordstrom.

Shoe Look alikes: Tiamo pump and Christian Louboutin Rolando Zipper

I understand that high-street chains follow designer trends, making them available for the broad masses, amongst them myself. I also understand that sometimes, inspiration can be a bit overwhelming, limiting their own creative input into the design.

But really?:

Tiamo Pump

A reminder of the Loubis:

Christian Louboutin Rolando Zipper Pump

Sorry about the artsy fartsy picture (from Jennie Hammar)  but this is an old model and sold out everywhere except for the shi*load of shops selling cheap knock offs.

I know that Christian Louboutin was not allowed to get a patent for the red soles but somehow, seeing them on any other shoe makes me cringe a tiny bit. If it is a great looking shoe otherwise, it seems like the designer lacked the confidence in his/her own design and went for a safe card, just in case. If it looks poorly designed, the impression is lack of originality but “hey, we know what will sell among younger groups, slap on that red sole and we’ll do fine”.

Anyhow, there are a couple of conclusions to be drawn here depending on the starting point:

1. Pure laziness.To the extent of getting inspiration from a model that is a couple of seasons old, not something currently on the market.

2. Not knowing about the above mentioned Loubis. In which case, the person in question should either work for Louboutin&co (considering they seem to think extremely  similar) or not work with shoe design at all. Let’s face it, if you decide to go for the red sole to start with, you should know your homework.

Shoe Loubi Fab: Christian Louboutin Volpi Poppi d’Orsay Pump

Often, being a great shoe designer is not about wild shapes and forms, never before seen creations and removal of essential details of footwear, e.g. heels. Sometimes, it is just about doing the basics, the fundamentals or the current trends a bit better than the majority – something Christian Louboutin masters, as we have seen over and over again through out the years.  Well, here it is again.

Ladies and gents, let me introduce you to  the it-girl of all flowery aspirants of this season’s title:

Christian Louboutin Volpi Poppi d'Orsay Pump

The classical Volpi pump with poppy print fabric – all that is needed to kick-start a wave of shoe cravings.

Worried about the possible clash of colours and the famous red sole? *

Christian Louboutin Volpi Poppi d'Orsay Pump

Looks pretty good to me.

* Of course you don’t. It is a freakin’ Loubi. (Genuine) Red soles never clash.  I just kind of wanted to share the back of the shoe with you as well.

Shoe flowers: Ted Baker Carlina High Platform Peep Toe Shoes

I don’t know if it’s my regular shoe cravings or just some kind of inner revolt to the winter season but the idea of flowers on my feet seems lately more appealing to me more than usual. Hence this:

Ted Baker Carlina High Platform Peep Toe Shoe

I have no idea what I would wear Carlina with because honestly she is a bit cuter than pretty much all of my wardrobe put together but somehow all these happy insects and flowers together in a mish mash kinds of make me happy. And sometimes that is more than enough for a post.


Shoe candy: Aldo Mazar Peep Toe Colour Block Heeled Shoes

A lot can be said about Mazar: 

Aldo Mazar Peep Toe Colour Block Heeled Shoes

I mean, it is a lot of shoe in a way: Colour blocking, seriously contrasting (bright) colours, both peep-toe and slingback, buckle and a statement heel.

But the only scenario I can think of is: me and you Mazar, an exotic flower  the size of a baby’s head in my hair, an umbrella drink in one hand and a (tall) guy in another, dragging me to the dance floor where the first lambada beats a la the latest remake are kicking in. All that from one pump on a cold and snowy Monday in February – that’s a go in my shoe book.

Gift Love or what I would call a shoe-orgasm: Christian Louboutin Torero in freakin’ RED

After the last couple of eyesores featured here, let’s take a moment and fill up our visual bellies with a slice of goo goo gaa gaa, wa wa woom, mmmmm and all other appreciating sounds known to a craving simple human being shoes:


Torero red, Gift Love edition


Gorgeous gorgeous shoes – happy happy belly.

Being the part of Christian Louboutin’s Valentine’s day edition (or unofficially “releasing something awesome in red a couple of days before the pressure to really flaunt our love to our partners by spending money on anything pink, red, fluffy etc etc” ’cause it will fly of the shelves”*) these shoes are long gone from the online store. However, if you yourself another piece of the visual yummy cake (I’ll spare you the sounds this time), you can find the rest of the drool worthy suggestions here.


* Mutual respect and love all days of the year as a proof of your love? But it’s Valentine!!

Shoe candy: Luichiny “My Darling” Midnight Satin

Honestly, occasionally I am a bit “easy” when it comes to shoes (if you have not realized it already after reading this post). Sometimes it only takes a few things to get me “ooing” and thinking “this could work!”. My usual soft spots are:

1. A lovely rich colour, in this case called “midnight satin” (I know it is not logical but neither am I all the time, hence I like it):

Luichiny "My Darling" Midnight Satin


2. A fluffy over-sized bow:

Luichiny "My Darling" Midnight Satin


3. Some small, unnecessary but cute detail:

Luichiny "My Darling" Midnight Satin

 This could work.

Although I am a bit annoyed by the sloppy heel-work at the bottom of it. Luckily for my finances, I tend to be a detail perfectionist here and there as well, which most of the time balances my shoe-hoarding tendencies.

Shoe candy SS’12: Karen Millen

Karen Millen has started the new season in a colourful, bright and graphical way, just the way we want it and need it after a way too much quality time with our winter footwear (which is unfortunately far from over, considering the forecasted -30 Celsius in my part of the world for the next week brrrrrr…).

Anyhow, these models caught my eye:

Karen Millen Colourful Court Shoe

A classical platform peep-toe in coral leather and with black stitching – elegant and modern at the same time. This should go great with a lot –  black, white, gray, summer dresses, cocktail dresses, black costume pants and a shirt, blue jeans yada yada  which makes the shoe very versatile, assuming you have at least the slightest hint of a summer tan on your feet.


Karen Millen Butterfly Print Shoes

At the first glance, before zooming in at the product picture, the butterfly print reminded me of Alexander McQueen skulls the way they looked a couple of years ago (not necessarily a bad thing in my world). Anyhow, I like the fact that the butterflies are not too sugery-sweet but rather a pattern an adult woman with good taste in shoes actually can wear. An adult woman who likes to have some fun though, judging from the red heel and detailing.


Karen Millen Modern Classsic Shoe Boot

No bright colours, patterns or other cute details in sight, no. We just have a classical combination of black and nude. But honestly, in the beginning of the season that we know will be filled with all the colours of the rainbow, butterflies and bows this is just too sleek and sexy to resist.





From rays of sunshine to luxury brothels: Colourful SS’12 wedges

May it be that I associate the model too strongly with Jennifer Lopez or that I can’t pass that chunky feeling but wedges are not featured very often in this blog, nor on my feet. The last time I truly coveted a pair of wedgies was this gorgeous pair from Pierre Hardy in beginning of December, which is a small eternity in shoe-blogger years.

Despite my irregularity, it has not passed me by that the store shelves are getting filled with colourful, bright and summery wedges raging from “I need these in my life” to “holy crap, that is a lot of shoe”, each and one of them energizing in their own way. And of course here is a small selection to illustrate it:

Yimmy Choo Biel patent-leather wedges

Oh Yimmy Choo choo choo (voice fading away) you have made what might be my personal favourite  wedgies of the season. Cool, feminine, sunny and cute wrapped in a very elegant and well-crafted package – what more can a girl ask for? Except for an early start of the summer ’12 sale haha?


Office Wonderland wedge blue suede

A lot of wedge, a lot of suede, a lot of shoe but Wonderland is still somehow… cute. Maybe it’s the bow that makes me lower my guard or the peep-toe that makes the shoe a bit lighter, no idea but I like it – minus the ankle strap.


River Island Erika Tropical Print Cut Out Platform Wedges

Wackadoodle. In a good way. But on somebody else’s feet.


Aldo Calcagni

A bit too chunky for my taste but probably comfy. Here, I would actually like an ankle strap to break off the pink shoe mass.


Nicholas Kirkwood Belted Patent Wedge Pump

Runner up to the choo choo shoes above. With its 14cm wedge, this shoe is definitely too massive for me –theoretically. Because I still can’t help loving the red patent leather, the little shoe-belt (how cute is that, a shoe-belt?) and the slope of it. I can totally see some skinny model rocking this with black jeans, leather jacket, loosely hanging backpack, Wang-tshirt and a difficult expression in one of many street style blogs.


Versace 160mm Studded Suede and Mesh Wedges

 Holy crap. Wackadoodle de luxe. In a good way but only on a display shelf. Or in an ultra luxurious brothel, on the feet of a working girl whose sense of balance (and class) is in a totally other universe than mine. And although you should never end a post with a question (nor start a sentence with “and”) I will seriously have to: How can something so obviously expensive also manage to look so cheap?