Shoe math or come on: Kanye West By Giuseppe Zanotti “Kanye All Over Beads Sandals”

I don’t even longer know, maybe I AM an old prune. Maybe I am not really gettin’ the whole “it” of shoe fashion, maybe I will soon get the same shocked look from my friends as my mom got from me suggesting that I borrow her 3cm heeled (very middle-aged  looking) pumps for a school disco eternities ago (yes, I had a horizontally challenged feet area already then). Maybe I am losing a sense of (at least in my opinion) good taste.

But, for the in-my-book considerable sum of €4 505, in the choice between this:

Kanye All Over Beads Sandals


Dolce & Gabbana Crystal-embellished satin pumps

PLUS (nope, not another “or”, plus it is) THIS:

Christian Louboutin Asteroid 140 suede and patent-leather pumps

And what the hell, for the additional €35,  these AS WELL, together with the two abovementioned pairs:

Christian Louboutin Maggie Glitter and Snakeskin Platform Pumps

I know what option I would go for, after giving a long giggle about the most expensive beads in the history of man.

But some good shall come from the first creation as well. If Kanye’s quote   “I’m trying to right my wrongs/ But it’s funny the same wrongs help me write this song,” is true, I think we might have a new album coming out soon. The guy can sing,  we all have to give him that.


Shoe Look alikes: Tiamo pump and Christian Louboutin Rolando Zipper

I understand that high-street chains follow designer trends, making them available for the broad masses, amongst them myself. I also understand that sometimes, inspiration can be a bit overwhelming, limiting their own creative input into the design.

But really?:

Tiamo Pump

A reminder of the Loubis:

Christian Louboutin Rolando Zipper Pump

Sorry about the artsy fartsy picture (from Jennie Hammar)  but this is an old model and sold out everywhere except for the shi*load of shops selling cheap knock offs.

I know that Christian Louboutin was not allowed to get a patent for the red soles but somehow, seeing them on any other shoe makes me cringe a tiny bit. If it is a great looking shoe otherwise, it seems like the designer lacked the confidence in his/her own design and went for a safe card, just in case. If it looks poorly designed, the impression is lack of originality but “hey, we know what will sell among younger groups, slap on that red sole and we’ll do fine”.

Anyhow, there are a couple of conclusions to be drawn here depending on the starting point:

1. Pure laziness.To the extent of getting inspiration from a model that is a couple of seasons old, not something currently on the market.

2. Not knowing about the above mentioned Loubis. In which case, the person in question should either work for Louboutin&co (considering they seem to think extremely  similar) or not work with shoe design at all. Let’s face it, if you decide to go for the red sole to start with, you should know your homework.

Shoe Loubi Fab: Christian Louboutin Volpi Poppi d’Orsay Pump

Often, being a great shoe designer is not about wild shapes and forms, never before seen creations and removal of essential details of footwear, e.g. heels. Sometimes, it is just about doing the basics, the fundamentals or the current trends a bit better than the majority – something Christian Louboutin masters, as we have seen over and over again through out the years.  Well, here it is again.

Ladies and gents, let me introduce you to  the it-girl of all flowery aspirants of this season’s title:

Christian Louboutin Volpi Poppi d'Orsay Pump

The classical Volpi pump with poppy print fabric – all that is needed to kick-start a wave of shoe cravings.

Worried about the possible clash of colours and the famous red sole? *

Christian Louboutin Volpi Poppi d'Orsay Pump

Looks pretty good to me.

* Of course you don’t. It is a freakin’ Loubi. (Genuine) Red soles never clash.  I just kind of wanted to share the back of the shoe with you as well.

Gift Love or what I would call a shoe-orgasm: Christian Louboutin Torero in freakin’ RED

After the last couple of eyesores featured here, let’s take a moment and fill up our visual bellies with a slice of goo goo gaa gaa, wa wa woom, mmmmm and all other appreciating sounds known to a craving simple human being shoes:


Torero red, Gift Love edition


Gorgeous gorgeous shoes – happy happy belly.

Being the part of Christian Louboutin’s Valentine’s day edition (or unofficially “releasing something awesome in red a couple of days before the pressure to really flaunt our love to our partners by spending money on anything pink, red, fluffy etc etc” ’cause it will fly of the shelves”*) these shoes are long gone from the online store. However, if you yourself another piece of the visual yummy cake (I’ll spare you the sounds this time), you can find the rest of the drool worthy suggestions here.


* Mutual respect and love all days of the year as a proof of your love? But it’s Valentine!!

Continuing on the rebellious path of black and brown: Christian Louboutin Summerissima Crisscross Platform Sandal

Well, judging from a shoe here a shoe there on the world-wide web, black&brown seems to be (one of) the new black of the SS’12 season. Honestly, as long as the result is at least near Christian Louboutin’s Summerissima, I can definitely deal with it:

Christian Louboutin Summerissima

This both looks sturdy in a totally positive walkable way and actually cute. White, brown, black and the famous red go well together, although that is theoretically at least two colours too many on a shoe. Sure, the white heel might still make me a bit on the nervous side but it would not be enough to slam the door on these beauties if they appeared (without the price tag) on my threshold.

Every magpie’s dirty little wet dream: Christian Louboutin Alti 160 spiked metallic leather pumps

Freakin’ wow:


Christian Louboutin Alti 160 spiked metallic leather pumps

Look at it. I mean look at it. Let’s pick up and savor every word of this shoe in the mouth, just like small exquisite pieces of handmade candy: Christian Louboutin (mmm a good old favourite, melts great on the tip of the tounge but the taste lasts forever), Alti (well-known, juicy), 160mm (candy that makes our legs look sleeker – amazing), spiked (badass candy) and metallic leather (the magpie is diving in for an attack).

Not convinced? Here is a close up:

Christian Louboutin Alti 160 spiked metallic leather pump

Freakin’ wow.

5 questions with Christian Louboutin from Bergdorf Goodman

Despite the clear shoe focus on this blog, I can not resist sharing this short interview with Christian Louboutin (the cool French accent, the shoes in the background and specially the answer on question nr.4  and 5 got me) with my fellow shoe-enthusiasts:

Shoe Fab: Christian Louboutin Asteroid Spike-Toe Pump

I wrote a small love-letter to Santa shortly before Christmas regarding the black version of Christian Louboutin Asteroid.  Despite a hint or two on how much I coveted them, as expected, the fat guy did not bother to stop by with a pair. The usual “oh well life goes on/I have my health/I have inner richness (no idea, don’t ask)” started and finished and it was all good.

But then Mr. Louboutin comes up with the brown & snake-skin version:

Christian Louboutin Asteroid

While not being as versatile as the black ones, after a couple of  minutes, I realized there was only one thing to do.

Dear Easter Bunny,

I know it’s a bit early and probably still a bit too cold for you to be jumping around with your little egg basket. I also admit that throughout the years, I might have eaten a cousin or two of yours. I bow my head in shame. But somewhere around your big day, maybe you can skip my ratio of eggs and go straight on the hard currency (featured above)? Pretty please?

Kurt Geiger London “Erika” Gold

Don’t get me wrong. Erika is a lovely shoe:

Kurt Geiger "Erika" Gold

Reasonable heel height of 10cm, rich golden leather and a classical model – this is a shoe that can do good to a lot of outfits and occasions. Even after indulging in a hell of  a lot of bling around New Year I find Erika lovely. But… (ah yes, the but, I should almost have a “shoe love, but insert optional detail of the shoe that I can not really comprehend” category on this blog, don’t you think?) the big question that pops up: Is this £350-lovely?

‘Cause personally,  I think that’s a bit of dough to splurge on high-street shoes, may it be the upper line. To put things into a Louboutin perspective, these babies cost app £40 pounds less.

Friday Fab: Christian Louboutin ‘Banane’ platform suede court shoes


Christian Louboutin "Banane"

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. I believe that one of the factors behind every successful shoe designer is the ability to make something beautiful, unique and eye-catching from something theoretically absurdly simple – like these gorgeous peep-toes from Christian Louboutin that appear as a sleeker version of Highness, might be the ultimate red shoes for Summer, and make my shoe-cravings hit the roof.