Colourful shoe shopping on a shoe string: Zara Court Shoes

Excuses in advance for potential TV commercial vibes in this post.

Feel for a colourful feet vitamin shot but your budget is currently tighter than Kylie Minoque’s hotpants back in those days? As so many times before, Zara is offering a couple of “even more price-worthy than usual” alternatives. And while the pointy (and pink) pumps trend might have faded untill the Summer of 2013, for the modest price tag of app €40 there is no reason for anybody to lose sleep due to potential fashion risks of the next season.

Fashion Court Shoe



And for app €33 there is also a possibility to take a walk in the opposite colour scheme (pun intended):

Coloured Faux Suede Court Shoes

Extra points for the slightly  more almond-rounded toe. With all respect to current trends, one of my big toes’ primary needs is still a touch of personal space.


Shoe “no freakin’ idea how to call this one”: Jeffrey Campbell Lita All Over Spike

Bloody hell.

Jeffrey Campbell Lita All Over Spike

Somewhere in another, dark and twisted universe, Pinhead just got a bit dizzy from a serious kick of shoe cravings straight to his head.


PS: Knowing the “inspiration” Litas provide and which has been featured in my blog frequently  – Similar product soon in the stores around you! (With a perky, Colgate-commercial voice)

A lot of stores. (Slightly more tired voice, emphasising “a lot”)



Shoe fudge: Boutique 9 Doetzen3

Oh Summer where are thou? ‘Cause I have found a really cute friend for the two of us:

I think that we would make an awesome trio, your 20-25 Celsius sunny days, myself and the elegant, fudginess (with a touch of golden bling) of Doetzen.

Maybe I am living in self-denial, but the quite reasonable 10cm heel makes me also believe that my feet will not declare war due to the uncomfort of only two thin straps in front as the contact point between the shoe and a whole lot of my body weight, the pressure which increases significantly with a killer stiletto. In worse case, here we will just experience a minor conflict that will be resolved with a foot massage and a pair of flats.

Shoe Look alikes: Tiamo pump and Christian Louboutin Rolando Zipper

I understand that high-street chains follow designer trends, making them available for the broad masses, amongst them myself. I also understand that sometimes, inspiration can be a bit overwhelming, limiting their own creative input into the design.

But really?:

Tiamo Pump

A reminder of the Loubis:

Christian Louboutin Rolando Zipper Pump

Sorry about the artsy fartsy picture (from Jennie Hammar)  but this is an old model and sold out everywhere except for the shi*load of shops selling cheap knock offs.

I know that Christian Louboutin was not allowed to get a patent for the red soles but somehow, seeing them on any other shoe makes me cringe a tiny bit. If it is a great looking shoe otherwise, it seems like the designer lacked the confidence in his/her own design and went for a safe card, just in case. If it looks poorly designed, the impression is lack of originality but “hey, we know what will sell among younger groups, slap on that red sole and we’ll do fine”.

Anyhow, there are a couple of conclusions to be drawn here depending on the starting point:

1. Pure laziness.To the extent of getting inspiration from a model that is a couple of seasons old, not something currently on the market.

2. Not knowing about the above mentioned Loubis. In which case, the person in question should either work for Louboutin&co (considering they seem to think extremely  similar) or not work with shoe design at all. Let’s face it, if you decide to go for the red sole to start with, you should know your homework.

Shoe architecture: Zara Court Shoe with Metal Toe Cap

Chain of events when surfing around on Zara’s webpage and stumbling upon this:

Zara Court Shoe with Metal Toe Cap

1. Giggling a bit longer than humoristically acceptable to the typo Court Show, instead of Court Shoe (please let it be typo and not somebody out there that actually believes that there is a category of shoes called court show)

2. Squinting my eyes longer than it should be necessary considering  1) I don’t wear nor need glasses 2) this is a freakin’ webshop, the company trying to sell me stuff should make sure the only time I squint is to double-check my credit card details before clicking the magic purchase button, not to see the details of the actual product I’m interested in.

3. Realizing that these vaguely Casadei Structured Pump resembling heels and Christian Louboutin Duvette metal toe are a pretty neat and uncommon go at the architectural design from a high-street chain. Yellow is not my first choice when it comes to shoes but give out these in classical black, dark blue or light grey and we might be in business.

Shoe colours: Shoe Republic Cheker – Fuchsia

“So you want colours, hayyy?


Shoe Republic Cheker - Fuchsia

However, looking at Cheker is also starting to make me a bit seasick which is a strong indicator for a no-go when it comes to any kind of purchase. If you find them groovy enough for another glance, the shoes can be found here.

* I’ve ALWAYS wanted to use that clip in a shoe context!

Continuing the lambada shoe candy: Kurt Geiger Class

If the little lambada twirl in my previous post went well, I guess Kurt Geiger Class would be the shoe of my choice for a second date:

Kurt Geiger Class

Just like the name of the shoe implies, this is classy but not typically classical, interesting without the “visually barking at me” effect, cute but not “burping fairy dust cute”.

Or summarized in the second-date-language – Yes, I look good. No,  I do not put out too easily.

PS: Cudos for the unusual shade of blue and the guts not to “spice it up” with metal tip heels or a buckle in a different colour or whatever that would overdo it.


Shoe candy: Aldo Mazar Peep Toe Colour Block Heeled Shoes

A lot can be said about Mazar: 

Aldo Mazar Peep Toe Colour Block Heeled Shoes

I mean, it is a lot of shoe in a way: Colour blocking, seriously contrasting (bright) colours, both peep-toe and slingback, buckle and a statement heel.

But the only scenario I can think of is: me and you Mazar, an exotic flower  the size of a baby’s head in my hair, an umbrella drink in one hand and a (tall) guy in another, dragging me to the dance floor where the first lambada beats a la the latest remake are kicking in. All that from one pump on a cold and snowy Monday in February – that’s a go in my shoe book.

Shoe look alikes: Mango Fetish Sandals & Giuseppe Zanotti Satin High Heel Sandals

Sure, it is maybe not so hard to guess which is which, even without the text under each shoe.

Mango Fetish Sandal

Giuseppe Zanotti Satin High Heel Sandal

Slightly sleeker, slightly “cleaner”, slightly curvier in all the right places, almost flawless in execution – credit where credit is due, which in this case is to the right. However, when focusing only at the price tag of €413 euros for Giuseppe Zanottis satin perfection, credit takes a sharp turn to the  left and lands at the €70 it takes to get a touch of fetish in your shoe collection. To conclude, a matter of personal taste and wallet.

Jeffrey Campbell (glitzy) vibes: Steve Madden Circus-S

You know, sometimes as a blogger you try to spend words and words formulating the feeling you get from a shoe, the vibe, the picture in front of your eyes. And sometimes, the name of the shoe, only one word, describes it best, like here:


Steve Madden Cirkus-S

Cirkus-Sssssss. Or glittery wackadoodle, call it as you see it.

As with many Jeffrey Campbell cop… I mean Jeffrey Campbell “inspired” shoes, I can totally see somebody rocking this. As long as it doesn’t have to be me. It might be hard to believe but there are shiny places not even a magpie of my proportions should ever enter.