Shoe architecture: Zara Court Shoe with Metal Toe Cap

Chain of events when surfing around on Zara’s webpage and stumbling upon this:

Zara Court Shoe with Metal Toe Cap

1. Giggling a bit longer than humoristically acceptable to the typo Court Show, instead of Court Shoe (please let it be typo and not somebody out there that actually believes that there is a category of shoes called court show)

2. Squinting my eyes longer than it should be necessary considering  1) I don’t wear nor need glasses 2) this is a freakin’ webshop, the company trying to sell me stuff should make sure the only time I squint is to double-check my credit card details before clicking the magic purchase button, not to see the details of the actual product I’m interested in.

3. Realizing that these vaguely Casadei Structured Pump resembling heels and Christian Louboutin Duvette metal toe are a pretty neat and uncommon go at the architectural design from a high-street chain. Yellow is not my first choice when it comes to shoes but give out these in classical black, dark blue or light grey and we might be in business.

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  1. Really enjoyed this article, especially the part about laughing a lot over “Court Show” – I laughed out loud reading that! They are gorgeous shoes, I really love this pale yellow, but you’re right – they would look amazing in black, or dark blue too – much more versatile shades than pale yellow! 🙂 xoxo

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