Shoe Fab: Gucci Ophelie Two-Tone Open-Toe Pump

Every time shoe designers go for a metal tip heel or any other metallic details in general, their creation goes straight out from the safe-card edge and starts walking the thin line between cheap and edgy-cool.

Although I have seen a couple of examples of the later kind and way to many of the first one, I have rarely seen a metal-heeled shoe with a breeze of elegant movie star beauty around it. That is, until now:

Gucci Ophelie Two-Toned Open-Toe Pump

People, this is how you do a freakin’ metal heel.

And the sublime metallic t-strap. And ankle strap. And the beautiful combination of green, gold and black.

This shoe makes me wanna put on a long satin dress,  wrap a fur cape around my shoulders, splash on way too much eyeliner and walk around all day with a cigar holder in one hand and a glass of bourbon in the other. That is a huge parameter on how much I adore this shoe since I don’t smoke, I don’t wear fur and I am honestly not into bourbon.

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  1. Now this is a shoe! The heel has an Art Deco look dont you think? How fab would this be with a gucci flapper dress or a long satin gown, Marlene Deitrich style, with a modern twist. Am I in love? Oh yes!!

    • Definitely Art Deco, definitely a long satin gown and definitely love :). I would also be totally fine with a gucci flapper dress of course.

  2. Absolutely divine!! I’m definitely head over heels for these shoes, they are so stunning, elegant & incredibly chic! I’m a huge fan of the colour & fabric combinations in this shoe too – gold, black & green is so classy! These are a work of art. xoxo

    • I agree on everything. So incredibly well done and without falling in any kind of fashion pitfalls of what’s in. No extreme platform, no killer heel, no studs etc. Just a truly beautiful, unique and well-crafted shoe.


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