Same, same but different: Nine West Feelngood Pumps

When shoehunting the web for some inspiring pieces to share with you, I often see same model in different colours. No groundbreaking news there to anyone with a laptop and slightest interest in fashion. Usually I do not even bother to put up all available options because I know straight away which one I like and that’s the one I post.

However, this might be one of the rare occasions when I have a hard time picking only one of the eight (yes, eight, you are starting to understand my dilemma now?) available options. I might be in a desperate white fatigue ’cause of all mountains of snow around me but I am currently drawn to every boldly coloured shoe known to man a bit more than usual. Hence, I really like this:

Nine West Feelngood Saphire Suede

And this:


Nine West Feelngood Flamingo


Obviously, I am also totally fine with the idea of  foot bouquet. Hence, this:

Nine West Feelngood Black Multi Fabric

If none of the presented options is your cup of tea but you still like the model and the scalloped edge, you can find the remaining five options at Nine West.


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