Shoe look alikes: Mango Fetish Sandals & Giuseppe Zanotti Satin High Heel Sandals

Sure, it is maybe not so hard to guess which is which, even without the text under each shoe.

Mango Fetish Sandal

Giuseppe Zanotti Satin High Heel Sandal

Slightly sleeker, slightly “cleaner”, slightly curvier in all the right places, almost flawless in execution – credit where credit is due, which in this case is to the right. However, when focusing only at the price tag of €413 euros for Giuseppe Zanottis satin perfection, credit takes a sharp turn to the  left and lands at the €70 it takes to get a touch of fetish in your shoe collection. To conclude, a matter of personal taste and wallet.

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  1. Love it! We’ve just done a post on Valentine’s Day gift ideas. Hope you can check it out!


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