All cute and nice… snoozeville: See by Chloe Round Toe Suede Pumps with Ankle Strap

I think we all know at least one guy (or a girl) that’s a good catch – on paper. He is cute, clean and fresh, he is totally presentable to your friends and family, he can articulate, he cooks and he showers regularly but (ah yes, the infamous “but”) you two will never move beyond the friendship phase simply because there is no spark (such a small but utterly crucial detail!). There is no edginess. There are no “hey, we could stay up all night… talking” thoughts.

That is kind of what I feel regarding this:

See by Chloe Round Toe Suede Pumps with Ankle Strap

Colour blocking, bold choice of yellow, pink and blue, soft suede, small cute ankle strap – I should love this.

Instead, after looking at this pump, I want to rest my eyes on something that can be described with the help of these words: studs, stiletto, black, patent leather, a tad impractical to be suitable for all occasions, or simply – smokin’ hot.

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  1. Solipsism Dreams

     /  February 3, 2012

    i am in love!

    Loretta xx


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