Funky pink silk and walking on eggs: Giambattista Valli Silk Cap Toe Metallic Leather Pumps

While it would absolutely freak me out to have something as delicate as silk both on my toes and heels*, probably making me strout in “walk on eggs” style, conspicuously staring down every cobblestone in my eyesight as my potential deadly enemy, I still must say that I like this:

Giambattista Valli SIlk Cap Toe Metalic Leather Pumps

While not being the most common colour combination in my closet, and will probably never be, this pink and gold combo avoids the tacky category and lands instead at “funky and elegant”. The main reason why is the classical one – quality. The pump looks extremely well-crafted, with clean lines and no disturbances to the eye (such as an uneven seam, a slightly uneven surface between the leather and the sole, sloppy ending of the heel etc etc).

Finally, you can probably use these baby when in desperate need of touching up on your lipstick but with no mirror in sight. See it as one more argument if you want to justify spending €485 on a pair of “multi-tasking” shoes to yourself or to your better half. In case of second, please tell me how it went.


*seriously, in my case the two probably most scratch-exposed areas of a shoe. Thanks to our old pal Murphy and his law, that risk would drastically increase due to the “silk&pricetag” combination.

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