Shoe candy: Luichiny “My Darling” Midnight Satin

Honestly, occasionally I am a bit “easy” when it comes to shoes (if you have not realized it already after reading this post). Sometimes it only takes a few things to get me “ooing” and thinking “this could work!”. My usual soft spots are:

1. A lovely rich colour, in this case called “midnight satin” (I know it is not logical but neither am I all the time, hence I like it):

Luichiny "My Darling" Midnight Satin


2. A fluffy over-sized bow:

Luichiny "My Darling" Midnight Satin


3. Some small, unnecessary but cute detail:

Luichiny "My Darling" Midnight Satin

 This could work.

Although I am a bit annoyed by the sloppy heel-work at the bottom of it. Luckily for my finances, I tend to be a detail perfectionist here and there as well, which most of the time balances my shoe-hoarding tendencies.

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  1. Love it! What a gorgeous shoe! We’ve just written a post featuring our favourite backpacks. Would love you to check it out!


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