Shoe collection: Karl by Karl Lagerfeld for Net-a-Porter

As you might have noticed, Karl Lagerfeld’s talked-about collection “Karl” is released at Net-a-Porter. The collection is dominated by black and white, with occasional pops of gray and red, as expected concerning the man himself and his usual outfit.

While I could definitely find a piece or two of clothing that would fit my style, the shoe selection leaves me a bit lukewarm, a bit “mah” even to say. However, a shoe-girl is a shoe-girl and you don’t exactly need to twist my arm to make me pick at least one pair of shoes that I could endure seeing on my feet on regular basis. In the Karl-case, that pair is these leather wedgies:

Karl Leather Wedge Sandals

While not being so sure about the practicality of the design, I think they are cool and different, in a good way. Just as Karl.

The next shoe is a clear runner-up:

Karl Metallic Leather Wedge Sandals

It could have been a possible winner had it not been for the probably painful (considering the fact that the wedge pushes the weight of the foot forward) and in best case just plain annoying strap between the toes:

The detail

If you want to check it out, the remaining shoes of the collection are available here





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  1. In my humble opinion, this shoe collection is somewhat disappointing. If I had to choose one pair it would be the two tone shoe, but to be honest, I could spend my hard earned money somewhere else. Love the signature collars though, but they are sold out!

    • I agree. A clear difference between the clothes and the shoes! I was oogling in the two-toned shoe as well but I did not like how it looked lose on the foot of the model.

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