From rays of sunshine to luxury brothels: Colourful SS’12 wedges

May it be that I associate the model too strongly with Jennifer Lopez or that I can’t pass that chunky feeling but wedges are not featured very often in this blog, nor on my feet. The last time I truly coveted a pair of wedgies was this gorgeous pair from Pierre Hardy in beginning of December, which is a small eternity in shoe-blogger years.

Despite my irregularity, it has not passed me by that the store shelves are getting filled with colourful, bright and summery wedges raging from “I need these in my life” to “holy crap, that is a lot of shoe”, each and one of them energizing in their own way. And of course here is a small selection to illustrate it:

Yimmy Choo Biel patent-leather wedges

Oh Yimmy Choo choo choo (voice fading away) you have made what might be my personal favourite  wedgies of the season. Cool, feminine, sunny and cute wrapped in a very elegant and well-crafted package – what more can a girl ask for? Except for an early start of the summer ’12 sale haha?


Office Wonderland wedge blue suede

A lot of wedge, a lot of suede, a lot of shoe but Wonderland is still somehow… cute. Maybe it’s the bow that makes me lower my guard or the peep-toe that makes the shoe a bit lighter, no idea but I like it – minus the ankle strap.


River Island Erika Tropical Print Cut Out Platform Wedges

Wackadoodle. In a good way. But on somebody else’s feet.


Aldo Calcagni

A bit too chunky for my taste but probably comfy. Here, I would actually like an ankle strap to break off the pink shoe mass.


Nicholas Kirkwood Belted Patent Wedge Pump

Runner up to the choo choo shoes above. With its 14cm wedge, this shoe is definitely too massive for me –theoretically. Because I still can’t help loving the red patent leather, the little shoe-belt (how cute is that, a shoe-belt?) and the slope of it. I can totally see some skinny model rocking this with black jeans, leather jacket, loosely hanging backpack, Wang-tshirt and a difficult expression in one of many street style blogs.


Versace 160mm Studded Suede and Mesh Wedges

 Holy crap. Wackadoodle de luxe. In a good way but only on a display shelf. Or in an ultra luxurious brothel, on the feet of a working girl whose sense of balance (and class) is in a totally other universe than mine. And although you should never end a post with a question (nor start a sentence with “and”) I will seriously have to: How can something so obviously expensive also manage to look so cheap?

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  1. All you’re comments so right on, what more is there to say?? other than great minds think alike :))


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