Shoe candy or “Why I’ll never be an ultra-fashion-cool badass shoe blogger”: Lipsy Felicity

I find a plastic flip-flop beyond-words-cute* and I am posting it:

Lipsy Felicity

To strike the final blow, yes, I also covet the pink-white version. I am posting it as well, shamelessly focusing on the pink bow:

Lipsy Felicity

* However, I have not suffered a blow to my head and I have not started thinking that these would go just great with anything else than with the sweet combo of beach, sea, umbrella drinks and bare-chested hunks playing volleyball (preferably close to the umbrella-drinks place, to kill two flies in one blow so to say).

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  1. agreed they are adorable and you are aware they are only appropriate for the beach or the pool. I’d say your “ultra-fashion-cool badass shoe blogger” status is still intact xoxo

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