Shoe Fab: Christian Louboutin Asteroid Spike-Toe Pump

I wrote a small love-letter to Santa shortly before Christmas regarding the black version of Christian Louboutin Asteroid.  Despite a hint or two on how much I coveted them, as expected, the fat guy did not bother to stop by with a pair. The usual “oh well life goes on/I have my health/I have inner richness (no idea, don’t ask)” started and finished and it was all good.

But then Mr. Louboutin comes up with the brown & snake-skin version:

Christian Louboutin Asteroid

While not being as versatile as the black ones, after a couple of  minutes, I realized there was only one thing to do.

Dear Easter Bunny,

I know it’s a bit early and probably still a bit too cold for you to be jumping around with your little egg basket. I also admit that throughout the years, I might have eaten a cousin or two of yours. I bow my head in shame. But somewhere around your big day, maybe you can skip my ratio of eggs and go straight on the hard currency (featured above)? Pretty please?

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  1. Hilarious! I adore the asteroid 160 Loubs!!

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