High-street Shoes SS’12: Zara

While Winter sales are taking their last breaths, let’s take a look on what SS’12 has to offer so far at one of our beloved hunting grounds – Zara. The new season at Zara has started with classical colour palette dominated by nude, black and brown and went sparsely on the colour pops.

Zara Combined Sandal

My personal favourite. If these sandals are at least relatively manageable to walk in (the curved shape of the heel raises doubts once again but you know the oldie “don’t judge it ’til you tried it”) they should disappear from the webshop faster than a diet pill backstage at Victoria’s Secret. (I know I knoow, they are naturally thin, high metabolism, carb allergy yada yada).


Zara Two Tone Platform Court Shoe

Despite the obvious impracticability of the über-light parts, which will probably not look too peachy after one season unless you live somewhere with stable, dry and clean climate, I really like the fact that this is a modern but elegant and highly versatile shoe. Also, without the problematic part, the shoe would just be one in the row of basic black and possibly slightly heavy platform pumps.


Zara Basic Heel Boot

Well, it is January. Before “sun is shining, birds are singing” kicks in and we can wear shoe#1 and shoe#2 there will probably be a lot of days when we will need something like shoe#3. Which should not look too bad with skinnies and a lot of layering on top.


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