Dune “Belma D” Bow Detail Court Shoe

Dune Belma D Bow Detail Court Shoe

Cute as hell.

This shoe makes my ultrafeminine and cutsey side once again desperately try to come in contact with the rest of me.  This shoe makes me want to do some time travelling to the 5os, slap on a black and white print dress, curl up my hair, grab my matching red purse and go take a milkshake at the closest hangout place with my girlfriends, seated so my shoes are fully visible of course (a shoe-girl IS a shoe-girl, regardless the decade).

The story could continue with something luscious in blue jeans, a worn-out leather jacket and way to much grease in his hair coming in, giving me one bad-boy look and a couple of well-chosen phrases about the absolute cuteness of my shoes and we are off into the sunset in his preferably matchy-matchy red cabriolet but you know, it’s a thin line between a shoe- and a Harlequin fantasy.That would also make me look kind of easy and not in a good way. Unless you look at it from the guy’s perspective.

Anyhow, in real life and time I would probably be the one with blue jeans, maybe a white blouse and a leather jacket to go with these hunnies. But the matchy-matchy red part would probably be lipstick and not a cabriolet. Sigh…

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  1. Sonia

     /  January 18, 2012

    Those are so beautiful!


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