Shoe look alikes: Miu Miu ankle boots & To Be Announced Alvarez & River Island peep-toe shoes (puh…)

After a short power nap to recover from my “endless post title” fatigue, let’s get down to business, shall we?

It has been a while since the infamous Miu Miu boots were released on the market so I am actually  a bit surprised to see similar design popping up here and there in different SS’12 collections.  (and choice of colour combo for that matter, which should be like the ultimate sign of laziness when you are already  letting yourself be inspired by somebody elses design to start with. There is a bunch of colours out there people – get your brain juices flowing).

Anyhow, in case you somehow missed it, here is a small Miu Miu flashback borrowed from Net-a-Porter where they happen to be sold out:

Miu Miu Glitter and suede peep-toe ankle boots


The first in line of Miu Miu-inspired design is Alvarez by To Be Announced:

To Be Announced Alvarez

Ok, so we get an inch or so of extra toe coverage, some minor adjustments yada yada but otherwise – striking resemblance. I just hope that To Be Announced does not have to take one for the team and change name to “To Be Announced sued and shred to pieces in a brand-protection lawsuit”. Not as catchy.

While it might not be my style, I think these shoes from River Island are quite cute:

River Island light pink glitter peep toe shoes

They do resemble vaguely the Miu Mius (seriously, how many times can a person write Miu Miu in a post? This should be getting close to some sort of record out there, if anybody cared that is.) with the colours once again and the shape of the heel but at the same time I think they have enough of their own shizzle going on to proudly stand on their 10,5cm (probably comfortable) heels.

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  1. My daughter bought the Miu Miu Pink/Silver ones. Dont like the Alverez copy,thats just what it looks like a copy. It has no style at all. River Islands copy of the black silver peep toe Miu Miu shoes (if I remember rightly) are quite pretty.

    • Exactly my opinion, River Island shoes are quite cute while the Alverez are just a copy. Unfortunately I think they will sell really good among the younger crowd. Oh cool, they really stand out! I can imagine she gets a lot of compliments. I saw the silver version with black stripes that was also really cool, I love black&white together.


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