Shoe fab: Miu Miu Multistrap Sandal

Well, after a tad of bitchin’ sprinkled with a dose of cynicism and topped of with some irony for the last two posts, lets take a small break from the dark side and indulge in some shoe fabness, right?

One could think that this shortly after Christmas, I would need at least a month or two before lusting after a pair of red shoes. Yes, a normal person might. But any normal person should also be able to see that these Miu Miu Multistrap sandals are freakin’ gorgeous:

Miu Miu Multistrap sandal

If this shoe was a girl something like this would be suitable in my world:

– Sexy and beautiful as in “Yes, I am quite gorgeous and I know it so no need to rub it in your face, my pure self-assured appearance will do that” type of girl, without tendencies for provocative bikini pictures on her Facebook page in order to get likes from her 1000+ friends out of which 954 are either teenaged or middle-aged men she has never met irl. These sandals are hot but they are not throwing their thongs at people to gain their attention. (Sandals have thongs?  – you ask with a raised eyebrow. Tonight they do, bare with me.)

– Sexy but also elegant at the same time, as in the quotation marks above, continued with “… hence I do not put out easily”. Why don’t you start with splurging out $795 at Barneys for our first têtê-à-têtê, and we’ll take it from there?

– Beautiful, sexy, elegant and demanding as in “Seriously, look at me, in my red sleek perfection. You will be the centre of attention because of your (foot) arm-candy. You better be groomed and broomed before even lifting your point finger to dial my number and ask for a date” In shoe-language this equals perfect pedicure. Perfect.

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  1. Such a great post, plus you have a great sense of humour.

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