Giuseppe Zanotti No Heel Crystal-Studded Sandal

Dear Giuseppe, I love you. After almost 25 years of frosty relations, you are the man who brought back harmony between me and slingbacks. Over and over again. Sure, we are not in love but we are talking on regular basis, and that is big in my book.

I also think it is great that you have implemented “Take Your Child to Work Day”. Cudos to you. But providing those kids with a glue gun,a bag of M&Ms and a bunch of shiny crap in different shapes and colours and let them go loose on a pair of shoes that are actually released on the market later?

Giuseppe Zanotti No Heel Crystal-Studded Sandal

Ballsy. Ballsy indeed.

PS1: The description of the abovementioned shoe over at Neiman Marcus starts with “Suspend your disbelief”. Not possible.

PS2: The same description ends with (bla bla) “…complete the whimsical statement”. Hmmm… Maybe I take myself way too seriously but has there ever been a situation in your lives when you wanted to make a whimsical statement? With your footwear?  “Damn! I made way too un-whimsical impression with these shoes! What will people think??” Ever happened to you? Anybody?

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  1. Sonia

     /  January 15, 2012

    OMG! I wouldn’t wear those if someone gave them to me. Love your blog!!!

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