Jeffrey Campbell Tawny

While it might not be everybody’s cup of tea, Jeffrey Campbell manages to surprise me (positively) again with , making it two times more than I ever expected.

Jeffrey Campbell Tawny

There is a lot of metal going on here but I think that the mild colour manages to balance it all into one cool creation. The slightly curved heel resemblances to Alexander McQueens I featured earlier without being an obvious designer rip-off because it is less curved and probably more anatomically correct (Sweet Mary of Jesus, I just commented a pair of JC as practical footwear – I never thought this day would come).

While these might not be my first choice of choice when it is time to board a plane I can actually see myself in them rocking a pair of  nude city shorts (no Jessica Simpson inThe Dukes of Hazzard shorts here fo’ks), a white shirt with rolled-up sleeves and a generous amount of bracelets to match the studs. Topped of with some cool shades.

If you have a matching outfit already as well, you can find the shoes at Solestruck where they also offer a slightly spicier version:

Jeffrey Campbell Tawny

PS: Observe the note “Limit 3 per customer”. Seriously?  “Oh nice ones, I’ll take four pairs!” People do that? Congratulations to whoever that is rolling in dough over at JC.

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