Shoe fab: GianMarco Lorenzi high-heeled sandals

Holá shoe-cravings! Say hello to GianMarco Lorenzi high-heeled sandals:

Gianmarco Lorenzo High-Heeled Sandals

Sure, the stiletto heel is probably super sensitive and will get a mark if a bump on the sidewalk just looks at it. Yes, the blue suede does also look quite delicate. But who said anything about the ugly concept of “being practical” when it comes to shoes?

The combination of the colours is fantastic, summery and crispy, the ankle straps with side buckle closures give a bit of edginess to it without making it lose its feminine form (whilst also matching the little golden detail on the side of the shoe – don’t you just love it when designers put attention to small stuff like that?) and the sum of it all creates a gorgeous summer sandal to be worn with pretty much everything. It also manages to give me a well-needed energy-slap in the face in the midst of January’s greyness and dullness and that in itself is a reason for thumbs up from my side.

If you want to check them out for yourself, they are available at Joox.

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  1. These are the ultimate, suave and sophisticated. The colours compliment each other. Reminds me of summer and chocolate ice cream! Where dd that come from? Actually the pastels of these shades are our master bedroom colours. Duck egg blue/golds/creams and brown. Back to the shoes – just fabulous!

    • Yes, I also think they just ooze summer and happy times. Perfect gorgeous summer sandals! Nice detail with the chocolate iceream and a lovely colour combination!

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