Ruthie Davis Spiked Peep Toe Pumps & Nelly Shoes Stud

Don’t you just hate it when standing in a crowded place like public transportation during a rush hour or in a line of any sort, rubbing elbows and exchanging body odours with total strangers but still trying to maintain some kind of politeness and dignity, there is somehow more-often-than-not one air-head standing behind you who believes that it will all go much smoother if he shows his impatience by jostling lightly but repeatedly, preferably at your heels, calves and back? Consider it solved:

Ruthie Davis Patent Spiked Peep Toe Pumps

Which is good ’cause the price tag of app €590 might (force) motivate you to go for public transport more than usual. However, if you want a couple of bucks left in your wallet and personal space at the same time, do not despair. For barely €48, Nelly Stud will do a decent job taking care of both:

Nelly Shoes Stud

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  1. Too many of these shoes around right now. I love the style but dont cross your ankles!

  2. I am needing me some heels!!! ;))

  3. Excellent – love Ruthie’s work (although they are a little pricey..)


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