Jeffrey Campbell ‘Kylie’ Sandal

Instead of noticing things each and every time, which would drive us wacko quite fast, our minds tend to get used to a bunch of everyday crap quite fast. We expect our car to be where we left it last night, we automatically put our keys on the tray/shelf/whatever where they usually are, and we have an estimation about people around us based on our previous encounters. So when something occurs off the beaten path, it takes the brain a couple of seconds or minutes (especially if the car is not there, cursing yourself tired takes time) to grasp the new situation. Exactly this was what happened when I stumbled upon Jeffrey Campbell Kylie sandal. Not being a big fan of Jeffery Campbell shoes in general (I look as graceful as a drunk sasquatch in them) I was honestly ready to dissect them verbally even before clicking on the link. And then I saw this :

Jeffrey Campbell Kylie

My brain stopped and blanked for a sec. Where is the huge platform? Where is the chunky heel? Or total anatomy-despising lack of it? Where is the hoof feeling?

After the first startled seconds, when I probably looked like an idiot in front of a computer screen (more than usual) I googled these shoes to make sure the webadmin at Nordstrom had not made a mistake. They haven’t (sorry for the lack of faith guys). While it might not be the shoe of my dreams, despite the generous studs, it is not more than right to be fair and give credit where credit’s due. This actually looks – totally fine.

It also looks like there is some serious customer-base expansion going on at Jeffrey Campbell’s and this has definitely tickled my shoe bone (no, not a shoe boner, faithful to monsieur Louboutin when it comes to that)  about where the brand takes it from here.

If you think so too, you can find Kylie here.

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