Christian Louboutin Highness

Dear readers, without further notice let me introduce to you every vertically-challenged shoe-lover’s wet dream – Christian Louboutin Highness:

Christian Louboutin Highness

They sure are something, aren’t they? But what? I have been looking at them for a couple of minutes and while I definitely dig the red-orange suede (it looks sunburned but in a nice way, not in whining to your boyfriend about buttering in your cheeks with aloe-vera after you’ve overestimated the power of your pigments one again way) but I am not quite sure about the elefant in the room, the first thing that catches your eye, or should do so at least.

Looking like the peep-toe version of Daffodil, a model more popular among celebrities than diet pills, this is a whole lot of platform, all 5cm of it. Sure sure, considering the 16cm heel, you will definitely need everything you can get under your toes to be able to move around, which with the foot angle of 11cm (math time! 16-5… well duh…) actually should be quite manageable. But still, so much platform at one place, hmmmm… One indecisive shoe-lover here.

While I go ponder further on  whether I am a royalist or not when it comes to Loubis, you can find more pictures of Highness at Net a Porter (cudos to you if you got the lame joke).

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  1. Now you know I will not have anything said against his highness Mr Louboutin! however, the height does put me off, unless I can be wheeled around and look marvellous. The price is unfortunately out of my budget range. I will just have to drool at the picture!

    • Yes! I definitely see that as a solution to our height issues! 🙂 Be wheeled around by some handsome armcandy that can also mix great cocktails from the portable minibar under the seat! (Ok, I maybe expanded the idea a bit) 🙂 I think that the trend with increasing platforms is here to stay for at least this season to be honest so it will be exciting to see if the good old “sky is the limit” will be accurate here as well.

  2. they are right up my not quite 5′ 2″ (what is the conversion?? 157 cm??) alley 🙂

  1. Friday Fab: Christian Louboutin ‘Banane’ platform suede court shoes « Fortyone Please

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