Dune Gwyneth D Assymetric Strappy Sandal

When it comes to shoes, online commerce can almost be compared to a dating service (monogamy part excluded though) – the shoes are potential candidates for our homes and hearts and we make the pick, based on our needs, wants and capacity.

Sometimes a girl simply need something practical and neat, something she can present to her work colleagues, or take a walk in the park with – something that will hold in the long run, season after season right there at her side. Sometimes, we simply get attracted to something gorgeous, sexy and perfect for those special occasions that come on “no-commitment basis”. Yes, we know and can deal with the fact that the shoe is way to impractical for everyday life, especially for the long run but it is simply too yummy not to take home.

Considering the long side-loop above, I really wish that Dune has provided Gwyneth with a more flattering photo before letting her out on the market.

Dune Gwyneth D Assymetric Strappy Sandal

I dislike this angle on shoe pictures, especially when it is not combined by a side angle. It is hard to tell the lines of the model and put proportions of the shoe in relation to each other. We see that this might be a potentially really hot summer shoe matched perfectly with tanned legs and something breezy higher up in the region or a cute but a tad clumsy sandal.

But! There is always a but, isn’t it? If you go to Dunes webpage and watch the catwalk movie (applause to Dune for slapping on a pair of shoes on a pair of feet and filming it for a couple of seconds, it makes things so much easier for us customers) you can actually see that the option A, a hot summer sandal, is the right one. When also considering the reduced price tag of £42, one can only conclude – Gwyneth D is the perfect catch on the market.

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  1. Wow a steal at that price. Gorgeous colour to brighten up post christmas and new year January blues


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