Giuseppe Zanotti Studded Crisscross Platform Pump

Being horizontally challenged when it comes to feet, meaning always having to aim for the biggest digit of the size chart, today is a very special day. A unique one to be honest and I am glad to be able to share it with you. Instead of the standard, worn-out jokes about big feet such as “No, I don’t need to borrow skis, I’ll just take a pair of my old ballerinas” (I know, crappy) I can honestly say – Wish I just had a tiny little bit bigger feet!

The reason for this (probably temporary) mental u-turn is Giuseppe Zanotti Studded Crisscross platform pump:

Giuseppe Zanotti Studded Crisscross Platform Pump

As soon as I laid my eyes on them I started with the internal check list: Gorgeous? Yes. (Feeling the little shoe-craving butterfly starting to flutter) At sale? Most definitely. (Yeay! Starting to make combos with my wardrobe, red nailpolish mmm, at the same time as I am checking the available shoe sizes and trying to hold back my expectations from running high)  In my size? No, of course not. (Sigh…) Only size 42 left. What??

But a beauty is still a beauty, no? And when I encounter a pair of peep-toes with extreme leg-lengthening effect due to the nude tone and 13,6cm stiletto heel that also happen to be blinged with golden rhinestones I have only one thing to say – well, pitty that my feet are too small.* Otherwise, these babies and my feet would soon be making out with each other more intense than two teenagers at a school disco.


*Ah, I’ve always wanted to say this. Next thing on my oral bucket list is of course “Driver, follow that car!”

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