A shoe girl’s New Years Eve essentials: Awesome shoes “crème de la crème”

Let’s top of the remaining few hours of this year with top of the line, “a girl can always dream” gorgeous New Years Eve shoes, shall we?

Let’s start with – bloody hell. Ever since I told you about my traumatic childhood memory of slingbacks (snifle…) and the skepticism it left me with towards the model, the skepticism that followed me faithfully throughout the years, I’ve started to see gorgeous, hot, elegant, feminine slingbacks almost everywhere. One of the foremost to blame for this is Giuseppe Zanotti with his beautiful, sensual creations and so it is in this case as well:

Giuseppe Zanotti Embellished suede and leather slingbacks

Pure perfection.

Usually I am not a big fan of high-heeled shoes that show a lot of foot. A peek here, a peek there is all good but the fact that I love shoes does not automatically means that I love feet. Have nothing against them of course, they serve my shoes very well haha. Anyhow, despite that little aversion, I really like the feminine fragility these Miu Miu silver-glitter t-strap platform sandals radiate:

Miu Miu Glitter T-strap Platform Sandals

Honestly, just the blinged platform and the fact that designers had the guts to combine silver glitter with gold piping is enough to kick-start my cravings, despite the clear foot-focus.

There has not been any wedges in this little NYE special because I think it’s hard to find a wedge shoe that goes well with a classical evening look in  December. Somehow, wedgies are summer shoes to me – that is, they were untill now:

Jimmy Choo Bello Glitter Wedges

All good and fancy but if you feel for a bit heavier shoe when it comes to appearance? Maybe Gucci Crystal-embellished silk-satin peep-toe pumps will do?

Gucci Crystal-embellished silk-satin peep-toe pumps

Cause they sure would make my day to be honest, and not in the Dirty Harry way.

A list of gorgeous bling shoes is not complete without the master of female footwear, the father of the famous red soles – Christian Louboutin. (Did you ever doubt for a sec that a pair of Loubis would not pop up?) So for the last but oh definitely not the least, the gorgeous Sobek:

Christian Louboutin "Sobek"

I wish you a wonderful New Years Eve and a Happy New Year!

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  1. My goodness there is so much wonderful shimmer here! Firstly – I am totally with you on the slingbacks issue. I have just one or two pairs that I wore in the shop for at least half an hour before buying them merely as a test. I really liked the Jimmy Choo wedges here, these styles I find really comfy and they have done a great job here of making them delicate (wedges so often just look clumpy). Oh when is santa coming again?


    • Glad you liked it! Shimmer does not solve and world problems but it sure is a mood raiser :). Wedgies are underrepresented in my collection as well, but I am always on a look out 🙂

  2. That’s so funny you love shoes but don’t love feet!! I love shoes that show some sexy toe cleavage and I am definitely a sling back girl :). But I have narrow feet so I tend to slip in a pump. Oh!! and I saw a stunning Ivanka Trump purple/blue t-strap sandal that was to-die-for!! yesterday!! I’ll have to email a picture of it to you!! Happy New Year my fellow shoe lover!! xo

    • Thanks for the picture, and the shoe cravings! Well, not that I don’t like feet straight out. It is more a kind of love that is best served in limited portions haha :D. Actually I don’t mind toe cleveage, it can be quite sexy if the edge of the shoe does not squish the skin of the foot too much. And you already know my story with slingbacks :). xoxo

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