A shoe girl’s New Years Eve essentials: Awesome shoes

If there is a night of the year where we shoe-lovers can live out our bling fetish to the fullest, it’s definitely the one that is only a couple of days from now – New Years Eve. So let’s ignore the totally logical argument that you can wear whatever rocks your boat that night, that the lines between the different price categories can be a bit blurry and very individual and let’s just indulge in the sweet world of shiny, sparkly high-heeled bling during the next couple of days, starting today with a couple of bargains. Tomorrow we’ll continue climbing up the slippery price ladder to the medium category (pay to play).

Bargain category:

Eliza Sugarfree shoes

What caught my eye was of course the purple colour of Eliza. And the reasonable price tag of €65 at Nelly

I really like the simplicity of Aldo’s Bremseth. They will definitely not go unnoticed but they will not make people put on sunglasses when looking at them, despite the bronze leather:

Bremseth Aldo

I’ve featured Gorgeous earlier, much due to its cone-shaped heel and simple lines. Therefore, I am glad to see that the good people of Topshop have produced a glitter-encrusted version as well, and topped it off with heel in pewter metal :

Gorgeous Topshop

No matter how much I cringe at the name, I can not deny that Promiscuous Ryan, the pink version makes me think of candy. In a totally cute, the Wizard of Oz way:


(But really, can you imagine the conversation? “Awesome shoes, what brand is it?” “Ehum… Promis cough us” “Say what?” and so on until one of us tires. Or am I just an old outdated prune?)

Anyhow, I know that using the attribute “bling” for the next shoe is to stretch it a bit but honestly – the bow got me:

rsvp Cailyn

Rsvp Cailyn looks like a lovely Christmas gift waiting to be unwrapped.* Preferably somewhere without any signs of rain due to its satin upper but hey, New Years Eve is well-known for its dry weather. Ehum.

*Or combined with red nailpolish. Or both, depending on the ocassion.

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