Rupert Sanderson ‘Kibo’ Contrasting Wedge Sandals

Theoretically I should hate it.

Rupert Sanderson Kibo Contrasting Wedge Sandals

Black stitched and bulky raffia wedge, stitched tan leather body and fuchsia grosgrain toe straps sounds like at least one colour and stitching too much. However, it all marries elegantly into one lovely summer shoe. The chunkiness of the wedge heel is softened by the lovely curve of the body and minimalistic fuchsia straps making the shoe look both totally stable and very feminine at the same time. Kibo makes me think of summer, breezy dresses, suntanned legs, ice-cream and happy times. And in December, so close to a lovely but, when it comes to weather, grey and rainy Christmas eve, that is more than enough to get thumbs up from me. If you like it just as much, you can take a closer look at Browns Fashion.

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  1. Beautiful. Not surprised that Brown’s are stocking these adorable sandals. My daughter was a buyer for Browns Focus, so that’s when I discovered the wonder of Brown’s. Miss London shopping!

    • Oh, that sounds lovely, sharing same interest in fashion and getting to know an excellent store from “inside”! 🙂 Yes, London is awesome when it comes to shopping.

  2. Wow… That is one busy looking shoe. I like it. 😉


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