Burberry Prorsum Harewood Beaded Sandals

I can’t, I just can’t.

Burberry Prorsum Harewood Beaded Sandals

This model has been out on the market for some time now  and I’ve tried to like it just as long. “Maybe I am too boring, maybe I am the only one above the age 12 that does not see the charm of  plastic beads*, maybe I need to be more playful and daring in my fashion choices**”

But still, the only time I could possibly wear this would be in 45 years or so, when I lose my marbles, get tired of the crappy weather and Euro crisis nr.45 and decide to move to a distant tropical island where the Sun is shining most of the time, water is blue and cocktails are cheap. Being the only crazy shoe lady on the island, nobody will give a shizzle about me rocking my blue-beads shoes while lying on a sun chair (you don’t expect me to actually move in those, right?) while shamelessly flirting with the pool boy.

*excluding Mardi Gras, the absolute peak of beads lovin’

**pick an optional fashion magazine and they will always go for that kind of pep-talk  when trying to sell in some hideous fashion trend that is in for the moment. Noo, not ugly, you need to be more daaaring.

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  1. Not for me, I think that the beads would be really uncomfortable. Seriously this shoe is UGLY! Whoops, How dare I say that about Burberry?


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