Alexander McQueen Multi Snake Pumps

I don’t think there ever was a designer that personalized raw energy and fragility, dark and beautiful side of our nature and the love story between art and fashion better than Alexander McQueen. Therefore I am pleased to see that the fashion house has managed to preserve the soul of his design after his tragic death in February 2010, making the brand quite easy to distinguish when cruising around on different web shops.

‘Cause, they sure are something to look at:

Alexander McQueen Multi Snake Pumps

One part fierce, one part gorgeous and one part intimidating. I love the choice of the colours, the leather and the lacquered wood heel but none of that is the main detail of the shoe, right?

Despite my love for its esthetics, I think would rather display it as a piece of art than my footwear because honestly I am not totally enlightened on how a normal woman’s foot is supposed to fit in the shoe and perform its main task in life  – walk. The killer curve of the 14cm heel is pushing the foot in one direction while the rest of the shoe does not seem to agree with the chosen path. Even after studying the shoe for some time now, the agronomical mystery remains unsolved to me.

Maybe they have corrected the killer angle somehow inside the shoe, maybe they have not – I have no idea and considering the standard Alexander McQueen price tag of €740 I will probably never find out for myself. However, if you have it all figured out and need a pair of beauties like this, the shoes are available at Luisaviaroma. Just make sure to come back and tell me!

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  1. This shoe is a pure work of art! But my days at that height are numbered! However, I can admire from afar. Never will get over the fact that he no longer with us.

  2. I am not into the snake look, but these are very cool. 😉

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