River Island Pointed Toe Court Shoes

The rich green* and the curvy lines got my attention here:

River Island Pointed Toe Court Shoes

The model reminds me of a slightly more foot-friendly version of the black Zara pumps that were very popular when they hit the market some time ago. And foot-friendly is always positive, right? Hmmm, that is also my biggest discomfort regarding the shoe. I love the rich green, I love the lines of the model and I love the fact that there are lovely shoes out there for people who see 10cm as the end of their comfort zone. But I would simply worship them if they were just a tiny bit more badass, slightly higher and with just a tiny bit curvier heel, even if that would increase the similarities with the above mentioned Zara pump. I also think that another shape of the heel would highlight the 10cm heel that actually seems shorter to me now. Anyhow, want to decide for yourself? Click here.

* nope, still no green shoes. The quest goes on.

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  1. kristinekroken

     /  December 20, 2011

    Love that color!

  2. Love green. A great style as well. 😉


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