Zara Glitter Heeled Sandal

From what I can see, Zara Glitter Heeled Sandal looks quite lovely:

Zara Glitter Heeled Sandal

Taking a closer look, I definitely think that the detailing is delicately executed, which is both the plus and the minus of the shoe:

Zara Glitter Heeled Sandal

At least in my corner of the world, the season for wearing these shoes outside without risk of damaging them in one or another way is quite microscopic.  Considering the fact that the 9cm heel is made in the same way, the sandals seem so delicate that I would probably survey the terrain looking for dangerous cobblestones, bumps in the sidewalk or anything else potentially harmful more that the usual built-in instinct makes me to do when wearing high-heels. However, I can definitely imagine myself in them during favorable conditions or combined with a pair of shoes that can take the hits on the way to the festive occasion before strapping on these babies. Finally, in the worst case scenario, considering the price tag of £50, these sandals are a quite decent buy even if they should only last one or two seasons. If you think the same, you can find them here.

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  1. An excellent choice for a new year’s party. 😉

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