Nelly White Label “Nour”

Sometimes I think that this is the most sadistic time of the year for us shoe lovers. The streets are covered with snow, the amount of daylight given to us per day is minimal and the Spring feel quite far away. At the same time, beautiful, crispy, pastel-coloured SS12 footwear is hitting the shelves at the increasing pace, both giving me cravings and mocking me at the same time “Summer pumps? Are you for real? Trust me, you will not need us for a looong time”*. Anyhow, maybe because (shoe) misery loves company or maybe because this IS a shoe blog after all, I could not resist sharing Nour with you:

Nelly White Label Nour

Nour might not be the funkiest or the most attention-drawing shoe on the block but with its icy-blue suede, 12cm heel and the slightly curvy platform, I can totally see myself wearing them together with a light tan and a cute dress or a pair of shorts, in six months or so… To take a walk on the bright side, as soon as the slightest smell of Spring touches my nostrils, the shoes will also go great with dark pants, a top with some blue-ish detailing and a leather jacket. That combination will also cut down the waiting time to… app. 4 months. Bollocks.

Tempting enough for another look? Not getting less tempting when considering the price of €72? Click here.

*Add some evil laugh to it

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  1. I am excited to see you in them. 😉

  2. OMG iIHAVENT GOT TO GRIPS WITH ALL THE SEASON CHANGES! May have to take stock of what I have and make room!


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