Shoe Look alikes: Giuseppe Zanotti Striped Sling Back & Sam Edelman Novato Open Toe

Just as I was planning to feature Giuseppe Zanaottis Striped Sling Backs and their bold but successful mixture of colours and patterns, that you can see here:

Giuseppe Zanotti Striped Sling Back Pumps

I stumbled upon this:

Sam Edelman Novato Open Toe Platform Heels

The first thought that passed through my mind was  “Oh, did Giuseppe Zanotti design a version of the sling back without the peep-toe? But why make it so clumsy?”. Then I realized that I was looking at totally another brand and model (with a minimal peep-toe). I do not know how much Sam Edelman got “inspired” from Giuseppe Zanottis sling backs, I will always have a bit of a soft spot for Sam since he introduced Lorissa to us mortals so I don’t want to judge too fast, but the similarities between the two shoes are quite striking to me.

When it comes to the matter of pure eye-candy, I personally prefer Zanotti slingbacks. However, except for the touch of leopard print, snake embossed heel and generally sleeker and more elegant lines, they also come with the juicy price tag of app. €600 while Novato lands at the more modest price of €90. That makes the shoe ratio “a pair of shoes for another shoe’s half a heel” or something like that.   Both shoes can be found at Shopbop, Guiseppe Zanotti slingbacks here and Sam Edelman Novato here.

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  1. Very striking, would look great in the summer!

  2. I like the first ones more than the second but they are both interesting. 😉

  3. I have to agree with you, the Zanotti is stunning!! I think I like it better because of the way the kind of hid the platform – what a great spring/summer shoe!!

    • Yes, I think the platform comes off a bit heavier on Novato, especially combined with the minimal peeptoe. Also, Zanotti is a bit “steeper” when it comes to the angle of the foot, that makes it also more elegant I think.

  4. WOW, beautiful !

  5. The Giuseppe Zanaottis are AMAZING! x

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