Nelly Trend “Forget Your Boyfriend”

Since the last time I featured them, Nelly has expanded “Forget Your Boyfriend” family with two more colours. Although the blue ones were simply adorable, something that was proved by the fact that they were sold out faster than a pizza on a fatcamp, I think that the new additions are quite covetable as well:

Nelly Trend Forget Your Boyfriend

And in case you crave for something more Christmasy, there is always the red version:

Nelly Trend Forget Your Boyfriend

And now some whining. If you want to keep everything peachy and jolly before the holidays you can stop reading here and, if the cravings have set in, find the shoes here and here.

On the Swedish version of the site, going up one size is recommended for a better fit. Ok, not the first time that happens. But if you are recommending that without actually adding one more size, what am I and all my other big-footed sisters with the well-developed* European shoe size 41 (easiest converted as “the top of the normal size scale, regardless country”) supposed to do? Bitch about it in a shoe blog? Well, yes. Buy another pair of shoes and move on after that? Most definitely.

* Yes, I try to be “the glass is half full” type of gal.

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  1. Bummer… Never in my size!!! They are great looking heels. 😉

  2. Stunning shoes x


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