A shoe girl’s brainfreeze: Irregular Choice “Mayhem”

I know. Complaining about the abnormality of Irregular Choice shoe is pretty much like reacting on Lady Gaga not wearing any pants. Some things are normal when they are wacky. Irregular choice should be offering irregular shoes or something is wrong with the shoe universe. But sweet Mary of Jesus, what is this?

Irregular Choice Mayhem

Why? How? When is the right occasion for this? Ever? Like when your good superhero-shoes are being resoled after the latest show-down with a villain, your tights are flat drying, you are in your sofa sipping a glass of whiskey and the city alarm sets off? And you put together something really fast from your wardrobe thinking “it is black, it will do” and then “sh*t, the shoes!”. You realize that the only shoes you have to keep up the superhero image are the pork-skin clogs uncle Cletus forgot during his last visit. Not a good starting point but who said that being both superhero and shoe fashionista at the same time is easy? A couple of minutes later, after going loco with a glue gun and some left-over feathers from the last Halloween, you are at least kind of ready to start another round in the eternal battle against evil.

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  1. kristinekroken

     /  December 17, 2011

    How cute boots! haha yeah I bet it’s not easy to know how or when towear them. I think they would have been cute with some dark tight jeans and a black nice top with some details on or something 🙂

  2. Not often I used the word hideous! so now is the time!


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